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Survival Breathing Exercises You Need

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Stress and anxiety can have a huge detriment on your day-to-day life experiences as well as your nighttime sleep. When it comes to stress though, psychologists have often noted that the most effective way of reducing the stress you feel is through your breath.

Three of the best breathing techniques to help calm you the next time you feel stressed or want to deeply relax include:

1. Diaphragmatic or Belly breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing, most commonly referred to as belly breathing, is a simple and natural as it sounds. In fact, more babies are belly breathers as they will breathe all the way into their belly. In the meantime, adults will usually only bring their breath down to their chest.

A belly breath is simple, its duration should be 8 seconds total, 4 for inhaling and 4 for exhaling. To try it simply lay down and try to breathe in from the stomach or abdomen. As your breath feels in your chest should not rise at all.

2. Coherent breathing

Coherent breathing has to do more with the pacing of your breath rather than the way you breathe. This is because what you will have to try and do is take in five breaths within a minute. For reference, most adults will usually take in three or four times that in a minute. To make coherent breathing easier you should try using a pacing app or some other audio or sound that can help guide you through breathing at that pace.