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Surprising Uses For Vodka You Didn’t Know

Photo by <a href="">Ibrahim Boran</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

While vodka is known as the drink most likely to cause you to have a hangover, its uses extend far beyond drinking. If you have any vodka lying around your house then these are some of the best uses for the drink.


For years vodka has been used for polishing your chrome and jewelry. While it should not be used on any stones or gems; it can still be used with a microfiber cloth to polish up any of your simpler jewelry.

Hair detangling

This one might sound particularly weird, and it takes some preparation. The first thing to do is to peel and cut some lemons. Add the lemon to boiling water and simmer the liquid mixture until it is reduced to 50%. From there put the liquid in a spray bottle and add a dab of vodka. This will be your easy teasy-to-use hair detangler.

Cleaning sticky residue

Vodka has a high concentration of alcohol, which is what makes it the perfect solution for cleaning up any sticky residue. Whether you had to remove a sticker, or a price tag or left something sticky on your counter, Vodka can help you get rid of the stickiness quickly.


Vodka mixed in with some aloe vera, castor, or other essential oil blend can be the perfect mixture for keeping mosquitos at bay. This mixture can also help you get rid of a number of bugs that you might find around your home.