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Superhero Movie Star Kidnaps Teen Girl and Disappears!

Troubled “The Flash” movie star, Ezra Miller has kidnapped an 18-year-old girl, gone into hiding, and is challenging police to find them!

Miller, who has had several run-ins with the law lately and has apparently had some kind of a mental breakdown, continues to shock DC Movie fans after going to social media to mock the authorities searching for them and Tokata, the girl Miller is accused of “brainwashing” and “grooming” since she was 12 years old.

A few days ago, Tokata’s parents issued a restraining order against the DCEU actor after being concerned that their daughter was no longer safe. The parents claim that Miller has given Tokata Marijuana, LSD, and alcohol, and used violence to “hold sway” over her.

While Tokata has said over social media that she is fine, her parents believe that Miller has complete control over her social media and is dictating what Tokata says. Sadly, the court that issued the restraining order can’t find Miller and Tokata, with authorities still searching for the actor and has been – to date – unable to serve the court order.

Miller has already been in several incidents in the past few weeks. While in Hawaii, Miller threw a chair at a woman and was arrested twice. The actor is known for having violent tendencies ever since they (Miller’s preferred pronoun) choked a fan a few years back. Surprisingly enough, Warner Bros. has said nothing about Miller’s role currently in the DCEU and if he will continue as the lead in “The Flash,” a movie that has had fits and starts since it was conceived as a stand-alone spinoff of the role Miller played in “Justice League.”

As of right now, the actor still has top billing in the movie and will continue to play the speedster in future movies. Warner Bros. is reportedly recasting Amber Heard’s Mera in the “Aquaman” franchise, so there is a chance that Miller will suffer the same fate.

While there is still no update on if the authorities have found Miller, the actor went to Instagram to share some pictures and memes mocking the authorities searching for him and Tokata. The first post states that Miller is in “another universe,” which is obviously making fun of why the authorities can’t find them and riffing on his character’s abilities to traverse time and space.

The second post is another picture with big yellow words saying, “Message from another universe.”

As the troubled actor remains in hiding, fans and authorities alike are hoping that nothing terrible will happen once the police eventually do catch up to the pair on the lam. Due to his volatile nature, there is a concern that the actor may lash or act irrationally if he doesn’t cooperate. With Tokata with him, her parents hope that she will return safely, and that no more harm will be done to the misguided teen.