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Study – Over 10K illegal immigrants living in the U.S. from terrorist-sponsored countries

More than 10,000 illegal immigrants whose countries of origins have been designated as state sponsors of terrorism by the State Dep. are living inside of U.S. borders, according to recently acquired national data from the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI).

Countries of origin include North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Sudan.

Despite still remaining within U.S. borders, all of the illegal immigrants have either already been served with or currently have pending deportation orders which have been issued by the

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Nearly all illegal immigrants, unfortunately, once resettled in the interior of the country, are never deported.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) also has stated that about 1.74 million illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America continue living in the U.S. despite having received official orders to be deported.

In an interview with Breitbart News Tonight radio program, IRLI Executive Director Dale Wilcox described the situation as ‘very dangerous.’

In the same interview, Wilcox said:

We have 10,000 aliens … some of them are criminals and that’s why they’ve been ordered removed. You could have some that might have come into the country legally at some point. However, they’ve committed crimes and they’ve been ordered removed.

California has the largest population of Iranians outside of Iran. California is a sanctuary state. California is not cooperating with immigration authorities, so their sanctuary law is preventing ICE from removing these individuals. Of that number 10,000 … 6,000 of these individuals are Iranian. We’ve had hearings here recently in Congress where U.S. intelligence officials have stated there are Iranian sleeper cells inside the United States, ready and waiting for the order.

People have to understand how dangerous this is in these sanctuary cities because of the first attack on the World Trade Center … the New York subway bombing conspiracy, and 9/11, all of these plots were perpetrated by immigration violators. This is a very dangerous situation.

The IRLI’s report suggests that more than 60 percent of the 10,000 illegal immigrants are originally from Iran, 20 percent are from Syria, 18 percent are from Sudan, and less than one percent are from North Korea.

Lastly, Wilcox added, “We saw on 9/11 the damage that only 19 sleeper cell terrorists could cause… This is just the latest example of the disaster of sanctuary laws, which force ICE agents to operate with one hand tied behind their backs while making our communities inherently more dangerous.”

Even though sanctuary cities continue to actively block all illegal immigrants from being deported regardless of their criminal pasts,  ICE officials were able to deport an average of about 44 illegal immigrants who were known or suspected terrorists in the last two years.

As Breitbart News has reported on extensively, the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery’ – which brings in over 50,000 random foreign nationals into our country every year via a randomized lottery – has imported somewhere around 30,000 legal immigrants in the last ten years from countries whose governments have been declared state sponsors of terrorism. In the previous five years, around 30 percent of all these Visa Lottery immigrants come from countries who sponsor terrorism.

Let that sink in.