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Stop Buying These Things For Your Dog

Photo by <a href="">Alvan Nee</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Dog owners are notorious for wanting to buy their pets all of the dog treats and toys available at the pet store, however, not all of the available toys and treats are safe for your dog. This is in part because many toys might break or splinter, making it easier for your dog to choke on them. This is why when buying things for your dog there are a few different items that you might want to avoid according to experts and vets.

According to vets some of the things you should take into account before choosing what toys to buy will entirely depend on your dog. Their size and playing habits will affect the type of dog toys that are best for them, but in every case, you should remember to check the following things.

1. Toys specifically made for dogs

No matter what, avoid buying children’s toys or toys that are not specifically made for dogs for your pet. This in part is because these toys are not as durable and as such, they might have small parts that break and end up being swallowed by your pet. This could be incredibly dangerous as it could end up stuck in their throat or digestive system.

2. Size of the toy

If the toy you have bought for your dog is too small then they are likely to swallow it accidentally. As a rule of thumb, you should always try to make sure that the entirety of the toy doesn’t fit into your dog’s mouth before buying it.

3. Toys with stuffing

Toys that have stuffing can be a big choking hazard if they get destroyed. They could also cause your pet digestive distress.

4. Treats with a lot of sugar

Pet treats with a lot of fats and sugar should in general be avoided. Before buying any treats for your pets you should try to check out the ingredient list. Fats and sugars can in the long run cause joint pain, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease to your pet.