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Speaking Freely on Parler

“If you build it they will come.” And if you close the door to your place of business, your former customers will look for satisfaction elsewhere. That is precisely what is happening with social media platforms today in the U.S.A.

Having witnessed recent sweeping bans of political conservative voices and news by the liberal leadership at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Patreon, and many other popular online venues, the persecuted and those sympathetic with them are taking action to preserve that most-hallowed liberty: freed speech.

Honestly, I thought I’d never have occasion in my lifetime to write about Google’s political blacklisting and Facebook’s suppression of free thought right here in my native country, a place once known proudly as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. But there you have it.

The liberal lock on mass media, from television news to social media sites, has shut down and silenced opposing opinions which represent about half of the total population. Hiding behind labels they invented and defined – “hate speech” and “community standards” – the nation’s de facto editors are working systematically to squelch all dissenters well before the 2020 presidential election.

Truth seekers set to work immediately after the first social media bans on high-profile conservatives to build a better online hangout in cyberspace. In computer programming, this solutions-driven activity is known as flowing around the boulder in the stream. The thinking is that it’s often much easier to bypass an obstacle than move it out of the way.

Big tech companies are the boulders in this metaphorical web-based stream. Experts say that current U.S. corporate law sides with the online platform owners. Therefore, their biased actions are technically legal.

Consequently, problem-solving conservatives are coming up with new social media neighborhoods where “fair” means “fair to everybody” and “truth” means “not fake or suppressed.”

One new alternative news cybersite is Parler News, founded by CEO John Matze. “Parler” (par-lay) is the French word for “to speak,” and that’s what this app aims to provide. As Matze explained:

“Alternative platforms will rise and those who are bold will switch. Big tech is not too big to topple, in fact, they are blinded by their size/power and are hurting themselves by ideologically targeting groups.”

Parler can be downloaded from Apple’s iOS App Store and, for Android devices, from the Google Play Store. A sudden surge in new users has boosted its ranking to #7, higher than the apps from the New York Times, Google News, ABC, CNBC, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal. Matze is planning to introduce a web-based desktop version of his news platform.

The Parler app resembles Twitter to ease the transition from the Oppressor to the Liberator. Users may post up to 1,000 characters. Other users express their support by “voting” and “echoing” instead of “liking” and “retweeting.” Clever, eh?

Parler claims it is “a news-based social media and content engagement platform that creates a shared ecosystem between publishers and users” which promises to provide:

  • Easy discovery of true-trending comments, posts, and news
  • Search results that are neither suppressed nor biased
  • A “self-moderation” feature that will let users adjust the content they see without muzzling other users

Parler launched three months ago but only gained enough new users last week, after some promotional tweeting, to force a temporary service shut-down due to a systems overload. The app is back in action again.

Candace Owens installed Parler not long ago. The targeted Communications Director for Turning Point USA responded to her Twitter account’s suspension and subsequent reinstatement in August 2018 by tweeting against New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong’s racist, anti-white views.

Laura Loomer is also a new Parler user. The conservative commentator, as you may recall, wore a yellow six-pointed star (as the Nazis forced their Jewish prisoners to do) and chained herself to the front door of Twitter’s New York City headquarters in public protest of her permanent tweeting ban.

People are reporting good things about Parler. Check out this positive review from Jerry Hammers where he mentions creator John Matze (@John):

“I love this news app! What @John has accomplished with Parler News, even in its infancy. Is more enjoyable, than the time I spent on Twitter since 2009. The platform is easy to use, the speed, and content is getting better daily. Also unlike Twitter, I have the freedom to express my thoughts. Without having shadowbanned restrictions placed on my account. Try it yourself…”

Here’s more thumbs-up feedback from C H:

“Very relaxed easy navigation, really like the number of followers added day to day! Some things are self-explanatory others a little study needed, nothing difficult! I’m just so happy I don’t have to wonder when twitter is going to lock me out again for a post or R|T; I have screenshots I took before I deleted them! Parler is much better than twitter.”

The only problem users seem to have is remembering how to spell and say the app’s name:

“I am trying to install Parley on my phone…”

In breaking news, on June 26, 2019, Apple threatened to ban Parler from its App Store unless “offensive content” is removed from the cybersite.

The buzz down on Conspiracy Street is that the President himself may step in to referee.