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Six Skills to Survive any Emergency

If you’ve ever seen a survival drama, you know that you need some serious skills to survive. And I’m not talking about making a communications device from a coconut. Below are 6 simple skills that will up your chances of survival in an emergency situation.

#1 Stop, Drop, and Roll

NorthbrookFireDepartmentCode4HouseFire2300BlkOfOak001Don’t wait for a handsome firefighter to save you if you’re trapped in a burning building. If you come face to face with fire or smoke, drop to the floor and crawl towards the nearest exit. Before opening any door, check with the black of your hand to see if it’s hot. If it is hot, find another way out. If it isn’t hot, go through and close the door behind you to halt the fire’s progress.

Note: Your family should have a fire plan including a designated outdoor meeting spot.

#2 The Drink

Without water, a person will die in about 4 days. That number decreases in hot and humid climates. When searching for water, look for birds, green plants, and insects to lead the way. If you’re stuck in a rocky landscape, search small crevices for rainwater. If you find a damp ditch that looks like it may once have been a creek, try digging for water.

 #3 SOS

Island_Help_Message_1540Sometimes, rescue is your only chance to survive. Catch a helicopter’s attention with a bright reflection. You can use a CD, mirror, water bottle, or belt buckle to reflect the sun.

Another way to attract attention from above is to make a giant X or SOS on the ground using rocks or other materials.

If you have the ability to make a fire, burn green vegetation to create clouds of noticeable white smoke – just make sure to keep the fire under control. As a last resort, make as much noise as possible.

#4 Hold your Ground 

The last thing you want to run into when you’re already lost is an angry wolf or bear. Regardless of the species, stand your ground and do not flee. Maintain a confident pose. If the animal makes a threatening noise, respond in kind.

Do not run. Fleeing will activate the animal’s chase instinct – and unless you’re trying to get away from a snake or alligator, you won’t be quick enough to escape anyway.

 #5 Broken Bones

maxresdefaultWe’ve all heard miraculous stories about people surviving plane crashes and cliff falls. In order to survive with a broken bone, you need to know how to make a splint. Not only will a splint reduce the pain (once it’s in place), but it can also prevent further damage and increase your ability to move.

#6 Forage 

A human can survive nearly 3 weeks without food, but it won’t be fun. No matter what the season, you can always turn to these edibles: grass, pine needles, cattails, and acorns.

Berries can save your life or kill you. As a rule, stay away from white and yellow berries. Instead, look for blue or purple berries.