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Simple Exercises You Must Do

Photo by <a href="">Fitsum Admasu</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

It has been well established that exercising is one of the best ways of prolonging your life. Science has also shown that specific forms of exercise could be particularly detrimental to longevity, these include both cardio and muscle-strengthening exercises. According to Matthew Ahmadi, a postdoctoral research fellow at the School of Health Sciences at The University of Sydney, Australia, consistently exercising can reduce one’s risk of facing chronic diseases, can help with blood pressure and circulation as well as reduce inflammation in the body.

Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer emeritus at the Cleveland Clinic and founder of the Reboot Your Age program, has also found that according to his studies walking around 10,000 steps every day, or doing the equivalent in other forms of exercise, such as on a bike or elliptical machine, or even just moving around can help reduce the risk of all-cause mortality by around 24 percent.

Resistance training two to three times a week can also be incredibly important for improving health. For those over the age of 80 around 3 20-minute cardio sessions can also help with longevity.

Other suggested exercises according to Roizen include doing 40 jumps daily. This can help with the body’s lymphatic flow and can increase spinal disk health.

All researchers also note that exercising does not just include going to the gym, but it can also include daily activities, such as gardening, playing sports with friends, or even going grocery shopping.