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Shocking Footage Drops of US Attack Helicopter Filming Three UFOs!

Soon after Congress had its first serious meeting about UFOs in decades, a new video has emerged that shows footage of an incredibly fast and maneuverable UFO obtained by the camera of a US military helicopter. 

The shocking footage was said to have been recorded on November 6, 2018, roughly 40 miles northwest of Tucson, Arizona.

In the video, an Apache helicopter’s co-pilot and gunner witness three objects dashing in a loose triangular formation across the sky as their aircraft prepares to take off.

The co-pilot and gunner are stunned as the objects suddenly appear, shouting: “Wow! Are those three really fast-moving jets up there…”

In response, the Apache pilot says: “Probably. Probably some A10’s or some F-16s, but, I’m not looking up there.” 

The video, which bears similarities to the numerous pieces of footage filmed by US Navy pilots over the past two decades, was obtained by the science website The Debrief.

They spoke to former US Air Force fighter pilot Chris Lehto, who admitted the craft looked “anomalous” and seemed faster “than an F-16 or F/A-18 fighter jet.”

He added that the turn rate of the craft “seemed faster than one of the fastest turning fighters on Earth” in an F-16, which would mean it was generating 70 Gs.

Given the speed and altitude of the objects, there was no point in attempting pursuit in the Apache. 

This is not the only UFO – or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) as they are now more formally known – sighting or encounter to take place along the US southern border.

Debrief also spoke to recently retired Homeland Security agent Robert “Bob” Thompson.

He claims to have talked to “dozens” of agents who have witnessed UAPs while scanning the skies for any potential drug smugglers across the border. Thompson served in the military for 11 years before spending 14 years guarding the border.

He earned a spot on the Tucson Sectors Special Operations Detachment Mobile Response Team, where he focused on terrorism, counter weapons of mass destruction proliferation, and drug interdiction.

Speaking about the ongoing encounters with UAPs at the border, he added, “There are other people that have concerns about [these objects] as well. You know, like it may be a foreign adversary.”

Thompson added that many of the sightings were eventually identified as weather phenomena, drug dealers using drones, or US military aircraft in the area, but he claimed that some were “genuine objects that I couldn’t explain.”

Check out the released footage here.