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Serial Killer Uses Fake Facebook Ads To Murder Seven Women

An alleged serial killer now in custody may have used fake Facebook job ads to lure as many as seven victims to their death.

The man, Greek Roman, 38, is suspected of tricking at least seven women using bogus Facebook job ads before brutally attacking, often raping, and then killing them.

The horrific crimes happened in Mexico.

Roman tracked the woman he would kill down through Facebook ads offering lucrative jobs before his gruesome attacks.

The women would meet him in hotels, or cafes, dressed in their best to try and impress in what they thought was a job interview.

One victim’s badly battered remains were found abandoned in plastic bags on some derelict land. The body was so badly mutilated that it needed forensic scientists to establish her identity.

Roman was arrested in San Juan del Rio, in central Mexico, on Wednesday, June 1.

The case of his last alleged victim, Viridiana Moreno Vasquez, a 31-year-old wife and mother of a ten-year-old, reportedly helped lead police to the heinous criminal. 

Apparently, Vazquez met up with the suspect after seeing an offer for a high-paying job on Facebook as a hotel receptionist. The attractive mother had been on the lookout for a second job so that she could afford to finish her degree in physical education.

The Facebook ad reportedly said, “Receptionist required for the Cardel area. Activities: Answer calls and schedule appointments. Salary: 1,800 pesos [about $95 US] per week plus punctuality bonus.”

On May 18, Vasquez left her home to go for a supposed job interview at the hotel and was tragically never seen again.

Her remains were discovered by investigators in plastic bags five days later on a derelict piece of land, and her clothes were found at the home Roman had been renting in the area.

Roman was arrested alongside his partner, who has not been named.

He was reportedly seen on the morning of his victim’s reported disappearance, getting onto a scooter with her, according to Undersecretary of Public Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), Ricardo Mejia Berdejo.

Mexican authorities say that Roman is alleged to have a history of rape accusations spanning back to 2012. The local media reported that he also spent time in prison after being convicted of raping a minor under the age of 13.

At a press conference last week after Roman’s arrest, Meija said that the man is known as “Greek Roman,” but he went by other names such as Juan Carlos Gasperin, Ricardo Dereck, and Ricardo Crivelli.

Mejia said that the suspect and his partner were arrested in Queretaro, around 300 miles from where Vasquez was found in pieces.

The suspect is believed to have butchered at least seven other women in the states of Morelos and Puebla.

The Mexican authorities had been hunting Roman since at least April, after the graphic murder of 22-year-old Evelyn Afiune.

Her death eerily mirrored that of Vasquez, and according to the local prosecutor’s office, she had been contacted by her killer on social media shortly before her death.

Afiune reportedly got into a taxi with the alleged serial killer after they met in a cafe. It isn’t known where they were going.

Her body was discovered three days later, and investigators said she had been sexually abused, beaten, and suffocated to death.

The case should serve as an object lesson to any woman answering a job ad on Facebook, and authorities suggest that before going to meet anyone for an interview, you verify the position by contacting the company directly.