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Secret Service Headed to Biden Campaign Headquarters: Claiming Premature Victory?

The Secret Service sent extra agents to the Biden campaign headquarters on Friday to increase protection ahead of his  assumption of the presidency.

“The Secret Service summoned a squad of agents to add to the protective bubble around Biden after his campaign told the agency that the Democratic nominee would continue utilizing a Wilmington convention center at least another day,” the outlet reported, “and could make a major speech as early as Friday, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the security protocols.”

Secret Service spokesperson Catherine Milhoan — as well as a spokesperson for the Biden campaign — declined to comment on the reports.

The ongoing controversy over election results may delay the Secret Service from providing Biden with the full regimen of protection that is normally afforded a president-elect while any pending controversies are resolved in court.

“Secret Service would probably feel duty-bound to ramp up protection before then, a former agent said,” the Post added, pointing out that a similar scenario played out once before during the contested 2000 presidential election between former President George W. Bush and former vice president and Democratic nominee Al Gore.

The Trump campaign has promised a series of legal challenges to the results in several states.