Scheme to Jail Licensed Gun Owners Who Resist Confiscation

It doesn’t get much worst for law-abiding gun owners then having an out-of-control anti-Second Amendment zealot, and documented racist using the power of his office in an unconstitutional assault against a segment of its citizenry.

However, that’s exactly what’s taking place in the Commonwealth of Virginia since disgraced “blackface” Governor Ralph Northam beat the odds and won another term as Governor, despite his public racist views, which may, in fact, tell you a lot more about the voters within “Old Dominion,” then we care to know.

Nevertheless, that’s what Virginia gun owners are currently faced with, as Northam allied with New York carpetbagger billionaire Michael Bloomberg attempt to register and ultimately confiscate firearms from licensed law-abiding gun owners, through a series of unconstitutional laws enacted within the Democratically controlled General Assembly, that would eventually institutionalize and or jail individuals who refuse to comply.

Northam along with Bloomberg-bought allies are attempting to not only confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens but also additional funds from hard-working taxpayers, in their unconstitutional scheme through a budget bill known as HB30.

The bill includes an appropriation of a quarter-million dollars to carry out a host of gun control measures that Northam and his anti-gun allies hope to enact.

The funds earmarked to the Corrections Special Reserve Fund would be specially appropriated for the “increase in the operating cost of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment.” In short, monies needed to incarcerate, imprison, confine, and detain individuals who refuse to either register their firearms or voluntarily give up their weapons based on anonymous “red flag” laws, without the benefit of due process.

The egregious allocation is also designed to fund a ban on commonly-owned semi atomic firearms, cleverly reverenced by anti-Second Amendment advocates as “assault weapons” which is actually a false characterization, in that any weapon can be labeled an “assault weapon” depending on how fast an individual pulls a trigger, thus even a six-shooter can be regarded as an assault weapon, if someone simply deems it so, much like the ominous accessories attached to a weapon, that makes it look “bad” however does little in actual kill power, it mostly cosmetic.

Currently, under Virginia law, a law enforcement officer may take an individual into emergency custody for a mental health evaluation without prior court approval. A person detained in this manner is then evaluated to determine whether they meet the criteria for temporary detention. A person that was subject to a temporary detention order and subsequently agreed to voluntary admission to a mental health facility is prohibited from possessing firearms until their rights are restored by a court.

So why the redundancy in Virginia…creating another law limiting an individual’s Second Amendment Right?

Multiple surveys and polls have already concluded that many laws preventing mass shootings don’t work, simply look at the carnage in Chicago, played out almost every weekend, regardless of their stringent gun laws, or the foolish declaration of a neighborhood being tagged a “Gun Free” Zone, which to a deranged mind becomes a “killing zone” especially when no one is shooting back.

In 2018, the FBI reported that there were five times as many individuals listed as killed with “knives or cutting instruments,” than with rifles of any kind. The data also showed that rifles were listed as being used in fewer homicides than “blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.)” or “personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.).”

Governor Ralph Northam – along with Michael Bloomberg – isn’t really interested in actually addressing gun violence in America. If they were they would address the issues of fatherless families, dysfunctional homes, mental illness, gang violence and the slow erosion of traditional values. In truth, those issues are much too complex and require real leadership, it’s much easier to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens and pretend you’re actually making a difference.

42 Replies to “Scheme to Jail Licensed Gun Owners Who Resist Confiscation”

    • Joe Shaw

      Just did a fact-check on this story, and it is totally FALSE. It was started by the traitor Hal Turner. The Governor NEVER said anything like this. Turner is a well-known white supremacist and racist. Hal Turner belongs in prison, along with your boy Trump.

      • Dann Watts

        You are absolutely WRONG about Donald J Trump the BEST president EVER. he supports the 2nd amendment 100% he said so on ever rally. he has done everything he said he would plus a HELL of a lot more. Trump supports the 2nd amendment to bare arms. so why even talk about Trump here? this is about guns & the RIGHT to bar arms the 2nd amendments that Trump supports 100% are just an IDIOT??! you do sound like a tresoness trader!!! an UN-American for sure!

        • Djea3

          Actually Trump have made several concessions regarding 2A already He is NOT 100% and is pandering to those who want to diminish our rights.

        • Joe Shaw

          I will NEVER vote Republican! We need to run this man Trumpy out of office. He’s a disgrace to the office! And this is a false news story. The Governor NEVER made this remark. Why did you dodge the statement and jump to the defense of Trump? Or, do you support Hal? Come out here to Seattle and get yourself an education!

          • Kenneth

            You never voted for a Republican in your life. You’re an anti-gun, anti-Constitution troll. Here to mislead with your liberal narrative.

      • Ia

        JOE SHAW@ ARE YOU STUPID? Story was totally false? STOP LYING! YOU’ RE THE TRAITOR,
        SHAME ON YOU!
        Get away from here, MORON! We don’t need YOU and your LIES so, go to your idiots friends: democRATS!

        Pidor! DEBIL!

  1. Paul

    Who in their right minds would vote these people into a position of authority. Does anybody remember Kent State? That is what happens when some fucked up zealot is left in charge.

  2. Marty

    I have always heard that most men from Virginia were pussies, and that women were not allowed to think for them selves. If this kind of treasonous activity is allowed to be enacted and implemented, you deserve it.

  3. Granny Jo

    Real Virginians; not the D.C. BELTWAY Virginians MUST fight this tooth and nail… they are setting a precedent for the rest of the states in the union. This is an obscene power grab and must be stopped. I respect those counties whose law enforcement officials are trying to stop it by making their own 2nd Amendment “sanctuary” counties and thinking of deputizing the population of their counties so they are free to own firearms….. Unfortunately, the population in northern VA may outnumber the sane population in the south and western parts of the state. I pray not. God Bless those standing up against this communistic type power grab.

    • Joe Shaw

      Just did a fact-check on this story, and it is totally FALSE. It was started by the traitor Hal Turner. The Governor NEVER said anything like this. Turner is a well-known white supremacist and racist.

      • Djea3

        Do tell us…fact check how and using what organization or process? I have heard similar statements from liberals who use verified liberal organizations to tell them what the facts are. IF you were educated at all Joe you would have quoted your source and the actual statement made by them. It is called a REFERENCE which your statement totally lacks but is stated as verifiable fact. NOT.

  4. JoeyP

    This Democrat GOVERNOR needs to be arrested and put into HANDCUFFS awaiting a PRISON cell with his KOMRADS for TREASON and SEDITION, Crimes against the Citizens of Virginia AND the U.S. Constitution. He needs to be RECALLED beforehand. If the citizens of VIRGINIA revolt, so be it. This is their constitutional right to STOP a TYRANNICAL government. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Joe Shaw

      Why are you falling for this fake news? Just did a fact-check on this story, and it is totally FALSE. It was started by the traitor Hal Turner. The Governor NEVER said anything like this. Turner is a well-known white supremacist and racist.

  5. Brian Emmert

    This idiot is fixing to get people killed. He needs to be removed from office along with all those people who are backing his ignorant acts. Any blood shed is on their hands and they should be treated like the criminals they say gun owners are.

    • Joe Shaw

      It was a false claim, 100% a lie, by good old boy Hal. Just did a fact-check on this story, and it is totally FALSE. It was started by the traitor Hal Turner. The Governor NEVER said anything like this. Turner is a well-known white supremacist and racist.

  6. Jeannette

    This is not about gun-control and never was. It is about people-control in the advancement of socialism and Demcrat control under the likes of Soros, Obama, and one-world leaders. Then one has to wonder about all the shootings. All the mass shooters (Sandy Hook and Columbine) were on psychotropic drugs which make males violent and females suicidal. That is what we are doing to our young people. Then who gets access to those young people to induce them to do carry out some of these shootings (just a thought). In addition, if we are so concerned about gun violence why did Holder traffic guns to the gangs in Mexico and why are the Dems so willing to let our borders be flooded by illegals. We need to back up and look at the big picture at what the Dems are doing.

  7. Dann Watts

    Bloomberg you can NOT TRUST he is the person behind ALL FAKE NEWS. Bloomberg made all his over $54 billion with the FAKE NEWS media. he is a lying CRIMINAL communist democrat, YOU CAN NOT TRUST a democrat period (look at Joe biden, listen to Joe biden, watch Joe Biden on VIDEO committing a personal quid co pro to STOP the ukraine from investigating his son HUNTER biden, its on VIDEO. JOE BIDEN is a criminal tresonest thief) ALL democrats in our USA government are CRIMINALS that is WHY the democrats NEED Trump out of office, its so the democrats can continue there criminal activity. THAT IS WHY PELOSI HATES Trump so bad she MUST find impeachment charges on Trump otherwise in 2020 when Trump remains in office for trumps 2nd term (get it? 2nd term, 2nd amendment = your RIGHT to bare arms!!!!!!) Donald John Trump values our constitutional RIGHT the 2nd amendment to bare arms!!!! I WOULD NOT GIVE MY GUN to anyone!!! its your RIGHT your 2nd amendment RIGHT to bare arms. its YOUR constitutional RIGHT as an American to bare arms!!! Trump strongly agrees with your RIGHT your 2nd amendment RIGHT to bare arms!!! he said at ALL his rallies DO NOT ALLOW the democrats to take your GUN in so doing they wipe your RIGHT your 2nd amendment RIGHT to bare arms!!!! as an American!!!! write the Donald, text the donald he will HELP YOU!!! NO democrats will they want to take your guns!!!

  8. Dann Watts

    It’s NOT the Donald that wants your guns its the democratic party that not only wants your guns they then want your FREEDOM. I say if the democrats want a civil war let US as Americans GIVE them IT!! give them the bullets first then you wont need to worry about them no more or giving your gun to anyone its CIVIL WAR my fellow Americans. GUNS made America! democrats want to take down America DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!! DO NOT GIVE YOUR GUN TO ANYONE. contact Trump he WILL HELP YOU!!! once MI outlaws guns I will guarantee you I WILL HAVE GUNS!! I PROMISE!!! you can NOT trust any democrat!! you can NOT EVER trust Bloomberg he is the richest democrat at over $54 BILLION all made with FAKE NEWS & MEDIA hes a liar & a criminal!!! Donald J Trump SUPPORTS our 2nd amendment to bare arms. vote for ALL republicans they support your RIGHT your 2nd amendment RIGHT as an American to bare arms!!! democrats are communist that live here in America but ARE NOT AMERICANS by no means. VOTE STRAIGHT ticket republican, VOTE Donald J Trump 2020.

  9. Buck

    Gun rights are civil rights! This was made evident at the beginning of the American Revolution. If this is not stopped in VA, there is no reason to think Democrats in some other state will try the same thing.
    The right to keep and bear arms is at the basis of self determination and defense of one’s own life, family and property without depending on some government entity being responsible.
    A free people have firearms and sound money!!

  10. Melvin

    Blackface is the real problem. He lives
    in a delusional world as so many of the
    liberal left. It’s all about power and control. Nothing to do with the safety
    of law abiding citizens.
    He has to be removed from office as he
    is a clear and present danger to the good people of Virginia as well as the
    entire nation.
    MC Lewis

  11. Patricia Tack

    STUPID LAW – HB30! If this law passes it takes this country back to before the Revolutionary War and the reason why people left the old country for America. It would destroy part of the constitution and then make it easier to destroy the whole constitution. Besides if law abiding citizens give up their guns we would then be under marshal law and defenseless.

  12. Darrell

    If you think you should confiscate weapons that will be the end of our democracy as you know it it will give every gun owner a free pass to protect there family’s and there gun rights under the constitution with no fear of being arrested it will be an all out war and these governors who think they are God and can get the guns hold on to your britches it’s going to be a ruff ride for you your constituents are not going to agree with you, and they are going to turn on you so fast you won’t have time to notice until they are on your doorstep and you won’t have enough protection for the amount of people you will see!!

  13. Rick Strul

    These are communists interested only in taking total and permanent control of the country and the People. They need to destroy the Constitution and the concept of individual Liberty, and reinstitute the age old incidents of dictatorial rule by an elite aristocracy and its subordinate deep state bureaucrats. They hate the American Revolution and want to restore feudalism with themselves at the head and in total control of all of the resources.

  14. Robert

    OMG, who is going to protect those stupid democrats if all the guns are taken away from the law abiding citizen ? if all the law abiding citizen give up their guns then the only people with guns would be robbers, rapist, thugs, and every other names used for those terroist and they would be undocumented firearms and who would the people of virginia call for help when this happens to them ? America is a free country and us true americans will stand up for our country and we are a full pledged army just waiting to be called for action, just think about 350 million americans with fire power, this is why we have no terriost here on our soil and no other country wants war here on American soil, they know that would be a deadly mistake

  15. Djea3

    How about we BURY those that attempt to take our guns away? Seems fair to me. They want to jail us for exercising an inalienable right. I say that attempting to violate an inalienable right is a higher crime than that of MURDER. Murder is a legislated crime, an inalienable right is far above that. NO LAW can be made that diminishes it. Since the crime being perpetrated is higher than murder, the right to stand your ground is a given and the Founding Fathers made this Completely CLEAR in their letters and arguments.
    If such a law exists it holds no legal power under law….or all law in this country is no longer valid. Any officer judge or other person that attempts to uphold such a law is a criminal who is violating his oath to uphold the US Constitution.

  16. Bo

    The story is made up by a white suprematism and it is false. Why do you people keep believing in fake conspiracy theories. P S. A lot more damaging evidence just came out against trump. Impeach then imprison is the only solution

  17. Randy baker

    The government has no rights to take guns from citizens not if we are going by the constitution American citizens need to stand against an overreaching government 😊

  18. Robert

    The Senators and representatives are paid (I didn’t say earn) $174,000 per year. When will they ever begin to earn that much money by actually diong the job that were elected to do?

  19. Robert

    wake up virginia, guns kill a lot fewer people than opioids, cars, cellphones, airplanes, and prescription medicine, so are you taking those things away from the American people too ? it seems to me that you are a bunch of very stupid people trying to pass this unamerican law that founded this country in the first place , if this law passes there will be no need to call for backup from the true loving American citizen to come to your rescue, so you will have to deal with the problem all by yourself, you will not get help from me or any other America loving citizen who see this law is unamerican..

  20. Charles

    Fascism and socialism go hand in hand. It seems they are the driving forces in the modern Democrat Party. The people of Virginia elected this Hitler clone so they are getting what they deserve. If they do not like him, then they need to vote him and his fellow NAZI wannabes in the state legislature out of office. The key word here is VOTE. If you failed to vote, then you helped elect this POS.

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