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Sadistic Killer Films Himself Kicking 18-Year-Old Girl To Death!

A sadistic killer who shot and then filmed himself brutally kicking an 18-year-old girl to death now faces life in prison.

The 22-year-old Michigan man, Andrew Lafey, shot Gracyn Brickley several times with a .22-caliber rifle behind a house on Guy Road in Maple Grove Township on Feb. 16, 2021, local affiliate WILX reported.

Lafey shot Brickley several times and then filmed himself kicking her until she died. 

The sadistic monster then used his phone to record a nearly 11-minute-long video of himself kicking and taunting her until she died. The sicko then buried Brickley’s body in the snow and showed the brutal footage to his friends and his father — who turned him into the police, according to the news outlet.

Lafey was convicted Friday, Apr. 15, of a slew of charges, including first-degree murder, which carries a maximum of life in prison without the possibility of parole, felony firearm possession, and torture.

Lafey waived his right to a jury trial in this case, so the trial was held before Judge Michael Schipper. The case was tried by Barry County Prosecutor Julie Nakfoor Pratt and Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Elsworth.

“We are pleased with the verdict and that justice for Grace Brickley and her family was served,” the Barry County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Prosecutor Julie Nakfoor Pratt described the horrific crime.

“The Defendant videotaped himself stomping on and taunting Grace Brickley for close to 11 minutes. The torture seen in the video came after Lafey shot Grace Brickley twice and inflicted multiple injuries to her face and breaking her jaw,” she said, according to the outlet.

 “Justice for Grace Brickley and her family was served,” she added.

The heartless killer is slated to be sentenced on June 9.