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Rooster Stabs Man to Death During Cockfight Training

An Indian man is dead after his rooster stabbed him to death with a three-inch knife during training for an illegal cockfight.

Cockfighting is illegal in India and has been banned in the country for decades.

The man is identified as 45-year-old Thangulla Satish. He tied a three-inch knife around the rooster’s leg while they were training in the village of Lothunur in Telegana.

During training, however, the rooster stabbed Satish in the groin. Satish died on the way to a local hospital due to heavy blood loss.

According to police inspector B. Jeevan, Satish began “bleeding heavily” after the rooster stabbed him in the groin while trying to escape. The rooster was taken to the police station before being transported to a nearby poultry farm.

“We may need to produce it before the court,” he added.

Authorities are now looking for the other 15 organizers of the cockfight, who could be charged with manslaughter in connection with Satish’s death. If convicted on manslaughter charges, each organizer could face up to two years in prison.

“Specially bred roosters have 7.5-centimetre (three-inch) knives or blades tied to their legs and punters bet on who will win the gruesome fight,” Al-Jazeera reported. “Battles continue until one contestant is either dead or flees, declaring the other rooster the winner.”

Despite India’s nationwide ban, cockfighting is very popular in southern India, “often under the watch of powerful, local politicians with big-money bets.”

In the U.S., cockfighting is considered a felony in at least 42 states.