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Ring Camera Removed From Room After Creepy Voice Ask Baby “Want Ice Cream?”

A disturbing TikTok video has gone viral in which a creepy voice can be heard from a ring security camera in a toddler’s room. The voice asks the child if he wants ice cream!

Mom Fran Chelle (@franchelle0) gained over 14.9 million views and nearly 10,000 comments when she uploaded the unsettling security video to her account.

While we’ve seen scary surveillance footage go viral before — like the nursery camera that allegedly captured paranormal activity in a sleeping baby’s crib — this family’s Ring experience has some people side-eyeing their own in-home security cameras.

In the video, Fran’s husband is seen putting their 3-year-old son to bed.

The dad leans in to give his little boy a kiss, then turns to leave the room — but that’s when his son begins to fret and point to the camera.

“Up there, up there, Daddy,” he says in Spanish.

The dad goes to the camera and asks, “This? You don’t want it? Why?”

“Because talking,” the little boy replies.

“At night?” the dad asks. When the little boy confirms, Dad calls for Fran to come in the room.

“Junior is saying the camera is talking to him at night,” he says.

Immediately, Fran enters and begins asking their son follow-up questions.

“This is talking?” she asks, pointing to the camera. Their son confirms. “What is it saying?” she asks.

“It’s saying… Want ice cream,” the boy replies.

“Is it a girl or a boy?” Fran asks.

“A boy,” their son replies.

However, this is not the first time their 3-year-old has made such claims, as evidenced by prior TikTok videos. But after their son’s latest claims, the parents wasted no time in removing the camera from his bedroom.

According to another video from Fran, after a phone call with customer service, they were advised to change their Ring passwords and two-factor authentication.

“We take customer privacy and security extremely seriously. We worked directly with this customer in February to investigate this matter and found no indication of unauthorized access or suspicious activity related to her Ring account or devices,” a Ring representative told Yahoo News.

TikTokers were completely creeped out by the unsettling footage.

“Poor baby. You can tell in his voice that [he’s] scared [and] he doesn’t want that happening anymore,” one user commented.

“Well done to you both listening and validating him! So important,” another user wrote.

“I’m proud of that kid for speaking up. You are great parents for listening too,” commented one user.

“LISTEN to your kids. I love this,” another user replied.

For parents looking to protect their own Ring cameras, Business Insider recommends users set up two-factor authentication, check whether their passwords have been obtained through any past data breaches, regularly change their passwords, and ensure that their Ring software is up to date — in addition to other “good security hygiene” practices.