Respected Journalist Wants To Investigate The New York Times

It’s not very often; in fact, I can’t ever recall when an acclaimed award-winning journalist publicly announces that one of their industry peers should actually be investigated for a continuous stream of erroneous reporting.

That unprecedented recommendation by New York Post Columnist Mike Goodwin was squarely aimed at the New York Times, however, it could have easily been directed at the Washington Post, the New York Daily News, CNN, MSNBC, along with a laundry list of other leftist publications that have become surrogates of the Democratic Party.

Goodwin’s astute observation in a recent column titled “Trump will prevail over ‘scalp-hunting’ journalists” recounts the TIMES serial failures in reporting accurately numerous issues and events concerning the President.

The New Post reporter and occasional Fox contributor also credits the President’s amazing resilience in dealing with an obsessed and corrupt media, hell-bent on taking him down, and thus far losing miserably, as demonstrated by the recent impeachment folly fabricated by disgruntled Democrats, attempting to use an innocuous phone call as a pretext for high crimes and misdemeanors. Which has only emboldened his supporters, and raised his approval rating among average Americans viewing the sham performance by both the mainstream media along with desperate House Democrats.

House Speaker Pelosi even announced on the day that the House would cast their votes for impeachment, she would wear black, as an indication as to how solemn and serious this rare ritual was.

After the marathon season concluded into the night on Capitol Hill, the President was finally impeached on two articles, along party lines, with three Democrats deflecting away from Pelosi.

However, in Battle Creek, Michigan, a jovial Trump was holding court hosting a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” rally at the Kellogg Arena.

“Michigan is booming thanks to President Trump, and jobs are coming back to the state,” Kayleigh McEnany, national press secretary for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., said in a press release. “President Trump is delivering on his promises, and he looks forward to celebrating those successes with the great men and women of Michigan this Christmas season.”

Chairman of the Calhoun County Republican Committee Jeannie Burchfield said the local Republican party was beyond thrilled” to have Trump visit.

“Calhoun County is Trump country, for sure…” she said. “This will be a fantastic way for us to show support for the President.”

For those of us watching the split-screen, of the impeachment debate along with the “Christmas” rally, it was apparent that the President to the dismay of the press won the battle of the optics, on this night.

Goodwin no doubt said it best within his column on December 14th.

“Backed by a press corps eager to get Trump, Pelosi felt confident to authorize the flimsy effort to remove the President from office. She assumed media bullhorns would push the public into her camp and that would win her Republican votes for a bipartisan takedown.”

Goodwin continues, “She certainly got the media support, but the public and the GOP aren’t following. Indeed, the harder that Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler push and the louder the anti-Trump media scream, the more the public resists impeachment over the Ukraine piffle.”

Adding, “That was true even before last week’s sensational revelations that the FBI was both corrupt and incompetent in the Russia collusion probe. The report and testimony by Michael Horowitz, the inspector general of the Justice Department, further undermined impeachment by revealing the rampant misconduct in the earlier case.”

As for the New York Times, Goodwin’s article chronicles a long list of mistakes, errors and willful bias, and just plain sloppy journalism by “The Gray Lady.” One thing is certain, the President was correct when he labeled the TIMES a failing newspaper; ironically however it was he who most likely saved the paper from the brink of bankruptcy, increasing dramatically their downward circulation, thanks to a hostile progressive audience.

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  2. “OUR POISON IS WORKING!”–THE MOTTO OF SUGGESTISM (journalism is no more–the “profession” is SUGGESTISM–getting all others to know, think and do what your editor wants)—or THE COMEDY SECTION NOW BEGINS ON PAGE 1.
    SUGGESTISM–First Amendment Responsibilities and Need For Certification and Licensure–other than sports, most journalism is
    unreal, non-being editor fantasies and manipulations–CONFABULISM–
    and “evil is the promotion of non-being” (which is most journalism and press&media–Call them “the Filth Estate”, not the Fourth Estate). “Journalism” has failed everybody. The “free press” must be licensed with consequences for lies and non-compliance with the Founders. “Journalism” is nothing but a pseudo-profession of “how great I am to lead you by the nose into barbarianism and paganism.” Basically, “journalism” has confused “freedom” with lies, fragmentation, unnaturalness (pollution), and ugliness…and journalists’ first and only real aim is self-promotion by having something sensational to report. Their ethics are gone. Journalism is the worst most evil “estate” in the world when without truth, oneness, good and beauty. PRESS&MEDIA ARE “DICTATORS” IN THE WORST MEANING OF THE WORD–they all are mini Stalin/Mao wannabees. The liberal press&media are no longer qualified to be protected by the First Amendment because they have no professional ethics or principles of truth, equality, unity, good (Nature consistent) and beauty (Nature’s Loving God) expected and required by the Founders. (President Lincoln shut down over 300 newspapers because of their sedition, treason and rebellion against America during the Civil War. President Trump should have the military close CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Hollywood, New York Times, Washington Post, et al who have destroyed the ex-profession of journalism, turning it into suggestism which has destroyed all the Founders created and wanted.)
    by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, copyright c 2016, retired,
    “deplorable” ad hominem pamphleteer,
    Kafkaesque Malicious-Law Criminalization Hoax Victim, …..”If it were not for the ironic honor of the thing (I am proof that the Law does not care about truth or justice) and all I learned from criminals, I would regret it happened…..”
    ex-Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

    The First Amendment:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    “They will lie, sir, with such volubility that you would think truth were
    a fool.” All’s Well…(the definition of “journalism” for sure–“How many people can you get to believe your bullshit so you can feel important?”)

    “The real danger to the American system of government is a fraud press unavailable to the people and not loyal to the Founders’ Principles. Editors are enslavers of the press & media so it does not belong to the people. ”
    Luigi Panzini, MD
    THE LIBERAL PRESS CANNOT CENSOR ANYONE’S “HEART OF LIBERTY”–THE “FREE” PRESS ARE REQUIRED TO FREELY PROVIDE THE FREE PRESS FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE…the First Amendment, like all Amendments, is for THE PEOPLE and not just what editors or the owners decide…
    Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe and of the mystery of human life.” The First Amendment explicitly gives all citizens the right to express their “heart of liberty”. Therefore, prohibited is the censorship of anyone’s “heart of liberty”–such is “unConstitutional.” Thus, the outrageous exclusion, over and over by the liberal press, of “unwelcome” information coherently expressed must stop. All views must be fairly and equitably available to the people.
    The Founders made the First Amendment FIRST so the people would be informed for the common good which was basically the Ten Commandments. Their expectations and hopes were for Truth, Oneness, Good and Beauty–TRANSCENDENTAL messages so the citizens could freely live well the together without a bunch of laws. But today’s “free press” (and so-called “art experts” do not know the difference between real “art” and “immorality” or “disturbances of the peace”. Today’s “free press” has no ethics, no morality, no values of transcendence, no standards or allegiance to Natural Law of the Founders, so necessary for genuine civilization from citizens FREE from evil. Today’s “free press” is just the emotional biases of the editors and their owners. The “free” press as selfishly existing is EXCLUSIVE of the people and thus unConstitutional…The Founders would have hung most of today’s “free press” for making the world a “worse place” rather than a “better place.”

    The First Amendment was given to the people and not just to priests, ministers, or rabbis, nor just to broadcasters or celebrities, nor just to editors or journalists, nor just to assembly hall owners. The people have the right for their words to be prayed, broadcast, printed, and announced to assemblies, provided their words are logical, rational and consistent with the Founders’ Principles. The First Amendment makes those mentioned responsible to serve the people and to promulgate the words of the people and not just the words of the owners of communication methods. The goal of the First Amendment was to teach virtue and the Ten Commandments to the people so they could keep a civil society not needing laws. Those freed by the First Amendment have an absolute duty to be true to the Founders Principles as manifest by the first thing the new Congress ever purchased–20,000 Bibles (Will the “separation” people please be quiet and pray as the Founders did.).

    The First Amendment was given first to keep the people informed with Truth, Oneness, Good and Beauty (the “transcendentals”), consistent with the hope and expectation that the people could be transcendent citizens not needing many laws or government controls. The Founders knew that if the citizens were “no good”, nothing would work well and law after law would be needed. The Founders hoped for the common good which in their mind basically was the Ten Commandments, which in those days were the themes espoused by all. The Judeo-Christian principles of the Founders was why religion was first in the First Amendment. The First Amendment was to promote good citizens living democratically by free religion, then free speech, then free press, and then free assembly. “Religion” was first because without some elements Judeo-Christianity, the people are no good and nothing will work well for a decent culture. The Founders knew, believed, lived and defined “religion” as overt or indirect belief in a Loving God, specifically naming “Nature and Nature’s God.” That is what they wanted by free exercise. Hoped for and expected was allegiance with Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (“Happiness” is best understood as meaning “transcendentals”). This implied the “learned professions” providing directions for the common good: Medicine for Life. Law for Liberty. Divinity for Pursuit of Transcendentals (“nee “Happiness”). All three professions were given “transcendental” freedom (It was not “anything goes” pseudo-freedom).
    Unfortunately, electronocelluloid technology has made the free press into a “disturbance of the common good” tyranny not available to the common man (although the World Wide Web may correct this when all journalism dies). The “free press” does not belong to the people but to editors and owners who only promulgate what “fits” as the New York Times exploiting logo documents. Today’s “free press” has no ethics, no morality, no values of transcendence, no standards or allegiance to Natural Law of the Founders, necessary for genuine civilization for citizens to be FREE from evil (“Evil” is the “creation of non-being”). Today’s “free press” does not know the difference between true “art” and “disturbing the peace” or “destroying the common good.” Journalism today is just manipulation and suggestibility, and not worth a dime. No way did the Founders want culture-destroying anti-Ten Commandments pollution to come from the First Amendment. The Founders listed “religion” first for good reason–the Ten Commandments–which have been replaced by Ten Thousand Legalisms. The Founders would have applied capital punishment to the editors and owners of the “free press” of today because of their culture-destroying advertising, dehumanizing promotions, anti-family and polluting pretenses of “art,” “entertainment,” and “information.” The Founders would not have allowed the Law’s destruction of the free and independent professions of Medicine and Divinity. The Founders would not have allowed the Law to become an “established religion” which it now is.
    Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe and of the mystery of human life.” That is what the First Amendment is all about explicitly giving all citizens the right to express their “heart of liberty” (which, if it is genuine “freedom” or “liberty,” must be consistent with Natural Law –“Nature and Nature’s God” as mentioned in the Constitution, which means “transcendent–being, matter, identity, truth, oneness, good and beauty”). The First Amendment gives rights which also means “responsibilities” i.e., the “transcendentals.”
    The results are protests and riots from the Losers (nee’ Womens) March to Berkeley–ALL raging rioting protestors NEED (from the press over and over) Octavio Paz’ “San Ildefonso nocturne”:
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    to set the world right.
    We didn’t lack integrity:
    we lacked humility.
    What we wanted was not
    innocently wanted.
    Precepts and concepts,
    the arrogance of theologians,
    to beat with a cross,
    to institute with blood….
    became secretaries to the
    to the General Secretary of the
    became philosophy,
    its evil has covered the
    AND JOURNALISTS NEED TO BE LICENSED WITH TRANSCENDENTAL ETHICS AFTER CERTIFICATION IN PRINCIPLES OF THE FOUNDERS–OTHERWISE IT IS “PATRONIZM” (1)…The “free press” cannot mean lies, sedition, treason, or ugliness by journalists. The “death” of journalism began with Roe v. Wade which not only destroyed journalism’s Ethics of Sigma Delta Chi, but the Hippocratic Oath of physicians replacing traditional social mores with abortionismo, manifest by destruction of childhood, loss of Judeo-Christian family norms, and lack of good faith interactions (2).

    (1) “Suggestism”–contemporary Journalism (From my article “The Results of
    and Psychological Causes of Contraception,” Social Justice Review December 1993, 209-213… ):
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    An Example of he fraud press elected him by not informing the people….Clinton yes; Trump no. What Unethical Unjust Unfair Unprofessional, unAmerican dictators, editors are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!journalisms failure to inform the people has destroyed the America of the Founders….

    OOh! You didn’t know he had a military career?

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    P.S. Please forward this to as many people as you can!

  3. There couldn’t be anymore erroneous reporting that is continous coming out of the WH and Trump himself everyday. The NYT reporter’s would be considered choir boys compared to the WH and FOX News reporting.

  4. like they say, this is only business, don,t take it personally , publish a FRONT PAGE LIE on a current issue or high profile person, sell more papers, and that justifies the rate to charge the advertisers, and then when called out for the LIE, sell more papers and then print a retraction , and yepper sell more papers. sell 3 times the papers on a one time LIE. The New NATIONAL ENQUIRER York Times. I never read it. To much advertisements adds .

  5. This is why I no longer read any of these repugnant publications, they are poisonous to our minds, I think a law should be passed that all journalists take an oath of office, pledge allegiance to America, and prove who are their sources they’ve checked and verified, listed below the article for fact checking as a reader. That’s why I only follow the news on You Tube, that is those who fact check their sources. What is totally unlawful is the way You Tube demonetizes the channels, has A.I. take them down for using supposed hate key words (not at all true) or shuts them down completely for a punishment without a crime. Is You Tube politically motivated as liberals and therefore anti-conservative and vicious in their take down? They do not play a neutral role. It is not free press anymore in our country. It is communistic and resembles Stalinistic control! Stand up and be conscientious objectors. Knock out those politicians out of office who are only there to line their pockets, not represent we the people. They are controlling our right to free speech! We must fight it now or lose our freedoms.

  6. In my opinion, 90% of all media outlets should be investigated. Most have been throwing out their own misguiding speculations & down right lies. This has been going on since before the 2016 election of President Trump. The media has so much power in the USA. They try to control
    our political minds. Hopefully there are those among us that try to seek the truth. Hard to find these days.😢 Most media sources are a sad joke & danger.

  7. I,m tired of seeing people calling the democratic party democrats! Call them what they are (SOCIALIST) ! Its the socialist party and the new york times is a slimy socialist rag the same as Nbc, abc, cbs, cnn, and a lot more i could name. All theses entities and the people they work for will be tried for treason in time.

  8. Someone should determine if the Founders meant fairness and not being agenda-driven when they talked od “the press” — and if so, papers like the NY Times and the Washington Post and TV outlets like CNN and MSNBC do not deserve Constitutional protection of “freedom of the press.”


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