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Residents Terrified by “Mysterious Headless Beast” That Turns Out to Be a Croissant

Croissant In Tree

Animal welfare officials responded to reports of a “mysterious headless beast” that was hanging in a tree. But when they arrived, they were met with a delicious pastry.

Residents in Poland’s Krakow were too scared to open their windows because they were afraid that the “animal” would crawl into their homes and attack.

One resident decided to call the Krakow Animal Welfare Society and report the mysterious animal.

The scared resident said the unidentified “beast” was brown and sitting in a tree, adding that the “dangerous creature” had been lurking outside for two days.

Adam, one of the inspectors who arrived at the scene, said in a Facebook post, “I tried to guide the woman, her voice seemed to be growing hysterical.”

The unnamed resident apparently said in her report that she believed the animal was an iguana.

However, that theory was quickly dismissed because the weather in Poland is far too cold for an iguana to survive outside.

Officials thought the animal was possibly a lost pet that had run away, especially because the welfare team had recently responded to reports of a sick cat left in a garage, as well as rats and hamsters which were left in a bin.

After the call, the team arranged a visit to come check it out. When they arrived, they discovered that this terrifying “beast” was actually a croissant.

“It is difficult to help something that has been previously baked. He was almost moving, he was getting ready to invade, he was beginning to resemble a dragon child,” Adam joked.

The Facebook post still encourged residents to continue reporting any sightings of strange animals, even if they turn out to be a pastry.