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Progressive Activists Targeting Honor Classes as Racist

A vibrant creative and successful society has always resided with emerging generations and those learning institutions tasked with the awesome responsibility of teaching our youths the value of education. Ideally supporting and promoting a learning environment that unleashes within each individual student the potential of achieving their own scholastic best, regardless of race, gender or sexual ordination.

However that honorable American tradition of rewarding excellence of those individuals who excel is now under siege by radical progressive activists targeting gifted students within honor classes, as “white toxicity” and “Supremacist values of high achievement.”

School systems all across America are experiencing the end results of progressive activism run amuck, in their frenzied attempt to abolish and obliterate honors classes, along with math and other academic studies, suggesting that those subjects have been used to “oppress people” and is somehow racist.

One would then presume by that same convoluted and brazen logic, that those gifted students within those special classrooms would also be raciest, for simply being “smart,” which apparently according to the radical left promotes an “an achievement gap between demographic groups.

This deliberate and pervasive attempt by both the political establishment along with radical extremist activists in dumbing down our society in order to attempt some-sort of racial parity was greeted by a near populist uprising as both Democrat and Republican parents publicly demanded accountably from legislators pushing for dismantling gifted classrooms.

In Washington State, the Seattle Public School system unveiled a program called “math ethnic studies” targeting students in K-12 math classes, teaching those students under the banner curriculum, “how math has been and continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color.”

The curriculum goes on indoctrinating students by asking them to “identify the inherent inequities of the standardized testing system used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color” and “explain how math dictates economic oppression.”

The curriculum was pushed by the school district’s ethnic studies program manager, Tracy Castro-Gill, who on Oct. 19th tweeted a picture with her “Marxist ringleader” and said the “next step is matching “INDOCTRINATED” t-shirts!”

Stating within her tweet, “I am an educator of color in Seattle whose job is anti-racist work within the school district. Seattle is very white — nearly 70%. It’s also one of the most liberal cities in the US, and these liberal, white Seattleites hate being called racist, but the thing is – a lot of them are.”

The open hostility by Gill, accusing the Seattle school system along with Seattle liberals of promoting racism through math is a preposterous notion. Math is perhaps the most uncompromising subject in education.

Moreover, for it somehow to be manipulated against individuals of color is absurd, in that there’s nothing “inadequate” in math, you’re either right or wrong…numbers are seldom open to conjecture or speculation.

In Maryland, “busing” a racial tactic of the ’60s, is once again rearing-it’s- ugly-head. This time in Howard County, where the public school board is about ready to bus about 7,300 students out of their neighborhood schools into other less desirable neighborhoods as a quick fix solution is somehow improving the lives of impoverished black students, rather then actually addressing the underline issue of fractured families within black households, has one of the major reasons for the discrepancy in learning among black and white students, among others.

Ironically the plan to bus kids was drafted by an out-of-state consultant firm, and neither black nor whites wanted the intrusion of busing kids from their neighborhoods.

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced a plan to do away with “gifted classrooms,” in short openly discriminating against high intellectual achievers.

What we’re witnessing are extremists stepping up their attempt at using America’s education system as a political tool against our traditional values of working hard, studying and achieving academic success through perseverance, which has somehow become raciest.