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Prince Andrew’s Accuser Giuffre Says Epstein’s Modeling Agent Raped Her 50 Times!

Prince Andrew’s former sex accuser Virginia Giuffre recently told a court that a French model agency boss Jean-Luc Brunel – a “friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s,” raped her at least 50 times.

The claim by the victim of the disgraced Royal was made in her earlier testimony in 2020 and has only now emerged during an ongoing investigation into the death of Brunel in a Paris jail. Brunel apparently committed suicide earlier this year while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Prior to being jailed, Brunel had been running a French model agency, and he was introduced to Giuffre by Epstein.

Giuffre, 38, told French magistrates in November 2020 that Brunel had committed “no less than 50 non-consensual sex acts”, according to evidence outlined in the French newspaper Le Parisien. 

She told of one alleged attack in St Tropez in May 2001 after model Naomi Campbell’s 31st birthday party.

Recalling how Brunel would often rape her at the time when she was only 17, Giuffre told the hearing, “The attacks did not stop on the pretext that we were on vacation. After the party, I think I had had a few glasses of champagne, and it got sexual.”

However, visa details in Brunel’s passport showed he was between Australia and the US at the time.

Giuffre then recanted and admitted having made an error and claimed it was another businessman who had raped her, adding, “I was confused about the date and the people involved.” However, she said that did not rule out the many other times she is sure that Brunel had forced himself on her.

A spokesman for supermodel Naomi Campbell said that Campbell had no knowledge of any wrongdoing. Giuffre repeated claims that Brunel regularly had sex with her and procured girls for Epstein and his friends.

Although she provided no evidence as she testified to the magistrates via video link from her home in Perth, Australia, and despite her confusion about the night in St. Tropez, the French authorities believed that Brunel was supplying underage girls to Epstein and he was arrested. Like Epstein, Brunel committed suicide in jail as he awaited trial, and also, like Epstein, conspiracy theories swirled that his death was not suicide but murder to keep him quiet. 

Brunel left two letters and an 18-page notebook containing a personal testament. In it, he wrote, “The feeling of injustice becomes unbearable for me. I’m a prisoner of a system that presumes my guilt, and it is up to me to provide proof of my innocence.”

Brunel was particularly upset by what he considered Giuffre’s false recollection of the night in St Tropez, in the South of France. She had told investigators Brunel “was there at the yacht party,” along with Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, and her former boyfriend, Epstein.

But he said, “For France, I bring irrefutable proof that I was not in Saint-Tropez, neither in France nor in Europe, for Naomi Campbell’s birthday. I was in the United States.”

Still, Brunel was suspected of having been part of a global underage sex ring led by Epstein. Others involved in the ring included Maxwell, now in prison in the US after being found guilty of sex trafficking.

Previously Giuffre had claimed Brunel, Epstein, and Prince Andrew took part in a nine-girl orgy with her on Epstein’s private Caribbean island of Little St James. However, through interviews and court testimony, she has provided different versions of those claims, including two that make no mention of Andrew being there.