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President Trump Says it Is Time to Heal While Dems Try for 2nd Impeachment

Even as politically motivated Democrats push forward with an unprecedented, doomed to fail, second impeachment of Donald Trump, the president is calling for healing and unity.

In the recorded video shared on Twitter, before the social media platform permanently banned him, the president condemned the “heinous attack” against the nation’s capital while suggesting the violent protestors should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem…America is and must always be a nation of law and order, ” he stated. “The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country.”

President Trump then highlighted his campaign’s efforts to counter election fraud in the 2020 presidential election and said he was fighting to “defend American democracy.”

“I continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters and to ensure faith and confidence in all future elections,” he explained.

Meanwhile, members of the GOP are warning against efforts to impeach President Trump ahead of Inauguration Day on January 20. Democrats continue to push forward with their effort to impeach the president for the second time, in a bid to remove him from office when he has fewer than 10 days left. However, they face the likelihood there won’t be enough Republican support to make it happen.

On Friday, reports detailed a letter sent to Joe Biden by GOP Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.), which was signed by seven lawmakers. The letter urged him to block House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment efforts.

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In a tweet, Buck said, “in the spirit of healing and fidelity to our Constitution, I’m asking Biden to request Pelosi discontinue her efforts.”

The letter itself said the Constitution does not envision impeaching a president without an adequate investigation and congressional hearings. It said impeachment should not occur in the heat of the moment, but after “great deliberation.”

Nonetheless, House Democrats formally introduced their resolution to impeach President Donald Trump on Monday, charging him with “incitement of insurrection” for his role in last week’s riots at the US Capitol. There will likely be a vote on the resolution later this week.

What do you think? Is the second impeachment of Trump called for? Or will that just lead to more division and discord? Please reply using the comments below.

14 Replies to “President Trump Says it Is Time to Heal While Dems Try for 2nd Impeachment”

  1. Miriam Nolan

    The left is so full of hate that they are blinded to the consequences of their actions.
    God help us ! We need to protect our country from out control Democrats and their hatred. Are they afraid of what might be exposed?

  2. WorkNHutch

    The impeachment effort will be seen as revenge by the democrats and will give birth to a long four years for the Biden Administration. It is useless at this point and will only embolden the 70+ million people who voted for Trump and maybe even some of those who voted for Biden as a non-vote for Trump? I believe in what Senator Cruz has stated the efforts to review some of the states voting results were not about overthrowing the election, but to investigate some claims of voting irregularities. Democrat’s obviously did not want those claims investigated which reminded me of the riots this summer when news personnel would stand in front of burning cars and buildings to make comments about the “peaceful demonstrations”? The year did not make sense for either party!

  3. Gwenn Herring

    I understand from the news that Twitter, Amazon and all the big tech companies have said that any Congressman or Senator that does not vote to impeach President Trump that they will be removed from all Twitter, etc accounts. Isn’t that a form of bribery? Isn’t that against the law? How can we stop this corrupt actions and fake charges?

    • Linda

      Its against the law, unless you happen to be a congressman or senator that wouldn’t have the guts to stand up against big tech and the seriously bad demonrat leadership.

  4. Carol

    Ridiculous. Just another stupid witch hunt. The only reasons demoncrats want to impeach Trump are because they are afraid he will declassify all the info he has about their crimes and releasing that info will let the whole world see just what they are all about and also because they think that if they impeach him he will not be able to run in 2024 ….. which is wrong. There is no law that says an impeached president can’t run again.
    By the way, dems and mental media keep saying Trump WAS impeached once. That is NOT true. He was not impeached. There was never a vote affirming the impeachment in the Senate. Hence, no impeachment.
    These assholes need to learn the law.

  5. Richard Cox

    My opinion is if they impeach him the storming of the capital is going to be a small thing I believe the Democrats are quickly becoming a target we are not going to continue to turn our backs and let them continue to shit on our constitution with complete immunity

  6. Timothy Green

    The DIMS, I mean Dems or doing this because they have a strong dislike and loath for DJT.
    Also, I believe they are scared as HELL of him. They will be without their shroud of lies and deliberate misleading and dishonesty for the whole country to see. They just can’t “live” without their Country Club mindset. So they lie, cheat, and steal trying to not be exposed.

  7. kevin Bolin

    This is the dumbest thing the demoncrats have tried to do yet! When all the evidence points to Anitifa being the ones who did the rioting and the police removed barriers and even allowed them in you got to question who did this – it sure wasn’t trump supporters – it was antifa and BLM and they are supported and encouraged by Nancy Pelosi and Shumer and Biden so if anyone should be impeached it is her.

  8. Patsy Kimbrell

    We the people need to stand with President Trump and fight to the bitter or sweet end . Democrats tell us to just shut up and not mention again that we have been cheated out of four more years of good jobs, lower taxes and an a upbeat country. Why should we stop?. All we want is answers for why our President lost when there was always so many people that turned out for his rallies and also on voting day. Why the swing states stopped counting votes but came back later and started counting and votes tripled for Biden. There were very few if any for our President. How can that be ?. No votes for Trump but thousands for Biden?I’m told that I can be in trouble for standing up for President Trump . I don’t really care for the very fact that God our Heavenly Father is still in control of this earth and if He wants Trump back in office it will happen. If I go to jail for backing my President I will still be praising Him and standing for the Right
    Praise God I still live in the Land of the Free and can still speak my thoughts.

  9. Jacque Woodhams

    I thought in court innocent until proven guilty. And is there any recognition or follow up on the woman who was murdered. Never even in my protest days seen such a travesty. Trump never was given any time free from criticism. I proudly say I am a domestic terrorist not a politician

  10. Nancy Runley

    I feel that we should impeach Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Scheff as every thing that they are saying is wrong and only what they have been doing for 5 years. Antifa and BLM are the ones who breached the capital but they are allowed to do what ever they want. Donald Trump has been the best President in my life time and the best for our country, actually China will be running our country if we do not stop Biden and Harris from destroying the USA.

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