Homemade Igloo

Police Investigating After Boy Killed by Igloo

A 7-year-old boy died while playing with his father in the snow. The two had built an igloo, but it collapsed, trapping the boy inside.

The incident happened in Tarasp, a town in eastern Switzerland. The roof of the igloo fell in as the two were inside. The father was able to climb out, but his son was not. Several people rushed to help free the boy, but it took 15 minutes to dig him out.

He was taken to a hospital in Chur where he died of his injuries.

Police are investigating the exact cause of his death, according to the New York Daily News.

Unfortunately, this is not the only death caused by extreme winter weather this season.

Harsh winter weather conditions have caused more than 20 deaths across the United States in the past several days. Winter storms hit the Deep South especially hard, leaving millions without power. As many as four million Texas residents have been without power for at least two days, leading to a number of tragedies.

Four people near Houston died after they lost power. The family was trying to keep their home warm using a fireplace. A mother and daughter in Houston died after leaving their car running in a garage in an attempt to help heat up their home. Others have died in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Missouri from the extreme cold.

Among the deaths is a 10-year-old boy who was killed in Tennessee after falling through the ice on a pond. The boy’s 6-year-old sister also fell into the icy water. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition, according to a Memphis newspaper.

More deaths are expected as temperatures are still below freezing in many parts of the country.

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7 Replies to “Police Investigating After Boy Killed by Igloo”

  1. Christine

    Sick & tired of hearing about trump . We voted him out . Give us peace . Let Biden’s light
    Shine . Gather up all the junk of red hats & paper bills with his name in it & burn them. !
    I rather look at pictures of the hunch back of Noter Dame ! The End

    • Rebecca Krobot

      Well we are sick and tired of hearing you simple minded low IQ retards complain. Why don’t you get a life and move on? All of you Trump haters are exactly what you say you don’t like. Judgemental, rude, self righteous, ignorant jerks that hate anyone that doesn’t agree with you. Well guess what? We don’t give a rats butt what you think. So go find something good to do with your pathetic life and get over it.

  2. Tom DeNoyelles

    And I suppose you agree with Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and Sanders destroying the American economy or perhaps you’re independently wealthy. Those of us that have to work for a living no have to spend more for fuel to drive to work, heat our homes and higher insurance costs. You don’t want to hear about Trump, that’s because you socialist sobs are so self centered and really only care about yourself.

  3. Juanita l Hale

    I find it unreal for the umpteenth Executive Orders. Some of which he promised in his campaign speeches would not happen, such as the many, many jobs lost. ( like no fracking )
    I am very concerned for our country’s safety and our civil liberties being infringed upon. So, yes your type voted him out. Now we and our children will pay the consequences.
    Thank you for nothing. Yet Mr. Biden is our President. We will pray for him and his administration. We have been enlightened and awoken to a lot more than you think.

  4. leonard blake

    President Trump was the best thing that ever happened in our great Country! Same goes for the hats and paper bills, May God Bless America !!!

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