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Pew Research: Race Divides Democrats on Faith and Marriage

Race seems to be the big divide among registered Democrats, which may be the reason why President Trump is polling anywhere between 18 to 34% approval among black voters.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, although “partisan politics” is the largest factor that divides Americans’ in general, a surprising number of self-described Democrats are also divided by race within their own party when it comes to personal social issues, like faith and marriage.

Research found, “Black Democrats are much more likely than white Democrats to associate belief in God with morality and less likely to say that same-sex marriage has been good for society.”

The survey conducted in September between the 3rd and 15th polled 9,895 adults within the United States and found that black Democrats are more likely then white Democrats to describe themselves as Christian, and more likely to attend religious services frequently.

Moreover, the differences are quite stark between the races when it comes to faith and religion. White Democrats are nearly twice as likely as black Democrats to say that it is not necessary to believe in God in order for a person to be moral (89% vs. 44%).

When it comes the issue of marriage, Pew noted the views of black Democrats are more aligned to Republicans than to white Democrats.

Among Republicans surveyed, 53% said belief in God is not necessary for morality, while 46% said faith is necessary.

On the issue of marriage, black and white Democrats show great discrepancies in views of same-sex marriage. With the biggest divide being the legalization of same-sex marriage as a positive social value within our society, white Democrats by a margin of 88% believe same-sex marriage is a positive, while only 52% of black Democrats voiced that same view.

Faith in God and traditional marriage between one man and one woman are primary values within the vast majority of black churches across America, moreover, many pastors and church leaders have come out in support of President Trump, who’s made religious liberty a central theme of his Presidency.

In a press statement this week, Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), spoke in support of President Trump as Democrats in Congress seek his impeachment.

Pastor Owens recently spoke to Breitbart News regarding the emotional issue of abortion, in which most secular white progressives support, and which Owens describes has  “decimated the black community and is in opposition to our faith.”

Adding, “But the left supports unlimited abortion policies that have led to black babies being aborted more than any other group,” he observed.

While both white and black Democrats still largely agree on political issues regarding the size of government required in solving America’s problems, the issues of faith, life, and marriage among a number of black Democrats slowly peeling away from the party should worry the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as they begin looking towards 2020.

Moreover, a recent Rasmussen poll released last month showed black voters approved of President Trump’s policies by an astounding 34%.

“It might shock Democrats that support for President Trump is rising with Black Americans but it shouldn’t,” Trump campaign Principal Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine said to Breitbart News. “Blacks are more prosperous than ever because of President Trump with record-low unemployment and rising paychecks.”

The President has also made a concerted effort to reach out to the black community through faith-based churches, extolling the virtue of faith, God and country.