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Person With “Pre-Serial Killer Tendencies” Mutilates Cats Near Air Force Base!

Military and civilian authorities in Nevada are concerned with the dead bodies of cats cut in half that have been turning up outside Nellis Airforce Base, saying that the brutal animal murders show “pre-serial killer” tendencies!

The military authorities at Nellis Air Force Base are searching for the person or people who have killed and mutilated at least four cats since February; a spokesperson confirmed earlier this week to local media.

In an email, Chief Master Sgt. Thomas Schaefer noted the behavior is similar to “pre-serial killer tendencies.” The spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the email, which was sent to leaders in the 57th Wing.

Since February, housing maintenance staff have found four cats cut completely in half. The deaths are believed to be caused by a human and did not appear to be the result of an animal attack, officials said.

“The only parts found have been the lower portion, and the cuts have been clean, indicating it is not a natural attack by a coyote or any other predator,” the email said.

“The ownership of those cats is unknown, though no base residents have reported missing cats,” a spokesperson said. “Base security forces are actively investigating and welcome any information from base residents.”

A spokesperson noted, “the mention of possible tendencies the chief used was his own opinion and not indicative of any previous or current concerns of danger to the community.” Scientists have found a link between the killing of animals and the killing of humans in serial killers’ behavior.

The base, which is part of the Air Force’s Air Combat Command, is located outside of Las Vegas in the northeast Las Vegas valley and employs an estimated 9,500 people, according to the military.

Nellis is not far from Groom Lake and Area 51 and has also often been mentioned in “conspiracy theories” and lore involving UFOs and aliens, which only deepens the mysterious animal mutilations. Animal mutilations have been associated with UFOs and UFO sightings in the past, though no such connection has yet to be made regarding the cat bodies.  

Animal abuse is a crime in Nevada and can carry prison time and a fine.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact base security at 702-908-6731.