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Pentagon Knows That UFO’s Targeted US Nuclear Missile Tests

In a stunning reveal, ex-military “whistleblowers” say that the Pentagon has records of UFO activity interfering with nuclear missile research and testing!

Former US Air Force chiefs went on the record recently, claiming aliens have tampered with US weapons systems undergoing tests and disabled secret ballistic missile silos.

The veterans are calling on the US Congress to investigate and hold public hearings into reports UFOs meddled with, or knocked out, nuclear weapons at their hidden underground launch sites.

All the alleged witnesses claim they were gagged after their astonishing UFO experiences. One of them was former US Air Force captain Robert Salas. He was the on-duty commander of an underground launch control facility assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, US, on March 24, 1967.

He claims all ten of his intercontinental ballistic missiles became inoperable. But Captain Salas said the simultaneous shutdown was an “impossible” occurrence because the ten nuclear Minuteman missiles were all running on independent systems.

The “attack” implied a level of sophistication that no human at the time possessed, he claims.

Captain Salas said, “I can only speculate as to why it happened. I think it was simply a message to all of us on Planet Earth that we need to rid ourselves of nuclear weapons.”

Salas made this stunning revelation while speaking recently at a press conference at Washington DC’s National Press Club in Washington DC. Captain Salas also said, “In the coming days and months, I think we will all have to deal with this reality because there is abundant and sober evidence, past and present, for the reality of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).”

Captain Salas added: “It is undeniable. It is not swamp gas or any other quirk of nature. Indeed, the evidence that there is some intelligence and intent behind the UAP has been established by the testimonies we have presented, and many more which have yet to be presented.”

Salas continued, “The question is whether can we finally get the court and public opinion to give it the attention it deserves.”

The Big Sur Incident

Perhaps the most startling alleged UFO incident unfolded in 1964 at the edge of space above Big Sur, California. Ex-US Air Force First lieutenant Robert Jacobs alleged a craft resembling a flying saucer circled a missile test of a dummy warhead during a test flight in California.

Giving his testimony, he said, “I was part of a US Airforce cover-up. It was shaped like a flying saucer and was firing a beam of light at our warhead. Then it flew out of the frame the same way it had come in. At that point, the warhead tumbled out of space.”

These are only two of several such incidents involving UFOs either observing or outright interfering with US nuclear missile tests. According to Salas and several other Airforce veterans, similar events happened at Walker Base, New Mexico, Warren Base, Wyoming, and Minot Base, North Dakota, all of which were heavily involved in nuclear ballistic missile tests in the 1960s. 

What is the US government still not telling us about what they know about UFOs and our military’s encounters with them? Please reply using the comments below!