Pelosi Dares Republicans To Pass Trump’s $2,000 Stimulus

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered Wednesday to immediately pass $2,000 direct checks to US residents, hours after Trump called for them to be included in the coronavirus aid bill that passed Monday.

The move puts congressional Republicans in a tough spot. They pushed for smaller stimulus checks during COVID negotiations, only to be immediately undermined by their own president. In a “dear colleague” letter sent to members of the House, Pelosi offered to pass the $2,000 checks by unanimous consent on Christmas Eve if Republicans will go along with it.

It’s unlikely that the checks will actually pass. Congress typically does not make changes to massive, negotiated bills after they are passed and Republicans had already railed about the high price tag of the one they voted on. Trump could still veto the coronavirus package if Republicans don’t meet his new demands, delaying the $600 checks and other critical aid Congress agreed to.

Trump mostly sat out the COVID bill talks as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel took the lead on negotiating with Democrats. But on Tuesday evening, after a deal was reached, Trump released a video to Twitter bashing the $900 billion agreement.

Most of Trump’s complaints involved foreign aid and other provisions that were not actually part of the COVID bill — they were included in the $1.4 trillion 2021 spending bill that was passed at the same time to avoid a government shutdown. But Trump did attack the $600 direct checks contained in the COVID bill as “ridiculously low” and demand they be increased to $2,000.

In her “dear colleague” letter, Pelosi said she and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “repeatedly asked Republicans what would be the highest number the President would accept for direct payments, and they responded with Sphinx-like silence. In the negotiations, they would never go above $600 and in some cases, proposed $500.”

Pelosi wrote that if Trump wants the $2,000 checks, he should call on congressional Republicans to agree to them. The COVID aid bill was passed by Congress Monday but has not yet been signed into law by Trump. Trump did not explicitly threaten to veto the legislation if the checks are not beefed up.

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and McConnell, the top two Republicans in Congress, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The debate over checks has made for unusual partnerships. Initially, there were no checks at all in the coronavirus bill. But progressive Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders and conservative Republican Sen. Josh Hawley teamed up to lead a public pressure campaign demanding the inclusion of $1,200 direct payments similar to what was contained in the CARES Act back in March. They didn’t get that, but negotiators did agree to include $600 checks for most American adults.

Under the current wording of the bill, adults who earn up to $75,000 will receive $600 checks, and couples who earn up to $150,000 combined will receive $1,200. Parents will also receive $600 for each child dependent under the age of 17, but no money for older children or adult dependents. For people who earn above $75,000, the size of the checks is phased out at a rate of $5 for every $100 of income, drawing down to zero at $87,000 or $174,000 for joint filers.

25 Replies to “Pelosi Dares Republicans To Pass Trump’s $2,000 Stimulus”

  1. donna

    how can one live on 6i87.00 per month pay their bill,( to include mortgage)? they cut your food stamps down to 38.00 and still make it. I have to cut grass in the summer at 60 years of age jut to supplement my bills. well, it is winter now. I would like everybody in congress to just for one month try to make it on 786.p0p and see how they fan out

  2. Ann Hill

    We, the American citizens, should have a say in where the taxpayer money should go. It should not go to foreign companies before taking care of the American people who pay the salaries of you morons in Congress. This crap has got to stop! If you morons want to support any foreign country, and/or the illegals in America, use your own money! The democrats seem to have enough money to buy an election so you can support any country you choose. DO NOT USE TAXPAYER MONEY TO DO IT. To be fair, you should all forfeit your salaries and give to the American people you have disenfranchised by shutting down most of the country. You sure as hell should not have a Merry Christmas since most of the U.S. citizens cannot afford any kind of Christmas.

  3. Doug Litchfield

    That is exactly what could be accomplished if the pork off her thighs were trimmed. Americans know that much of this foreign aid money is funneled back to fuel democratic thuggery. Break those funds down and give it to individuals in these impoverished countries and the squeals from our hog trough would be deafening.

  4. Paula Landes

    YES, pass the $2000 stimulus check. Do not give it to illegal immigrants or the rich. They are not entitled. Take out the Smithsonium museums and other pork. We don’t need them, or any other beautifying programs at this time of the Pandemic. There is no sense that a relief package to the US citizens & businesses should be 6ft tall!! I am sick of the way things have been handled. For once admit it….Trump is right on this.
    I have one more complaint!! During this Presidency, the press, major TV news stations, Nancy Palosi, and so many others have done nothing but Trump bash from the beginning. This is was horrible! He was elected our President, and deserved to be treated with respect up unto the day he leaves office. Look what all of you have taught our children and grandchildren. What happen to good old fashioned manners? I vote for who I think will do our country the best and it sure isn’t Biden. He will just be a puppet in the Whitehouse!

  5. Deedra Ice


  6. Khriss

    Hard working people from North America pay taxes all their working life it is unfair for that money they work for end up in the hands of people from other countries that money belong to each and every hat working North Americans to all up there in power of making decisions do the right thing don’t let your hatred to the other party destroy the life of many Americans citizens that are in need here in this country. Merry Christmas 🎄 health, love and peace to everyone.

  7. Leslie Radsek

    Why would our aide be going to other countries? Why would we be helping them when we have ppl here that are starving and in need? It just doesn’t make sense to send our pictures ax dolors to other countries that should be taking care of their own ppl not us. If money is going over seas then don’t sign it. Just let our ppl go back to work and those ones won’t be needing help anymore

  8. Lily

    Giving citizens more is fine, but what they really need to do is strip the bill of all the pork, especially foreign pork. If our elected leaders have the urge to send money to Pakistan for “women’s studies”, they should donate from their own personal bank account or do a GoFundMe fund raiser. In fact, they should do that for most pork. Leave our tax dollars alone

  9. Wayne R Eskew Sr

    How can congress be so stupid. The get paid regardless and many Americans are on the verge of going under because of Congresses ignorance?

  10. Cliff

    AS long as all the $$$$$$$$$$$$ that were included for kissing up to foreign countries, and the PORK for all the democommunist “wish lists”, that had absolutely NOTHING to do with “covid”, and $$$$$ for ILLEGAL ALIENS is REMOVED. That would be a good thing for Americans that are hurting due to the democommunist “bought and paid for”…..”control-us-virius”) AMERICA (LEGAL RESIDENTS FIRST)

  11. Harold

    I have to agree with President Trump, I do not agree with all the foreign aid that is in the bill. Why should we pay for gender modification. This is bull shit. Keep the money in the United States. What the hell are you thinking Nancy?

  12. John G Van Engen

    Shut down the government and quarantine the hose and senate until they can just help the American citizens. No aid to other countries. Take care of your own first. Until it is passed no pay for congress or house members.

  13. Bo.

    Trump is a spoiled selfish man child that couldn’t care less about America and the people. Most everything he has done benefits him or his corrupt family. What spell dose he have over his supporters that they can’t see how corrupt and lawless he really is. Just look at his crazy actions in the last 6 weeks if you still can’t see that he is mentally unstable something is very wrong with you people

  14. Karen

    How would everyone in Congress if they lost their big paying jobs and could not get any relief for the Covid -19 and they had to stay in line for food clothes, boots , gloves, a warm place to sleep, if they lost everything they worked for HOW Would They FEEL trying to living on 1,000 A Month or with NOTHING At ALL coming in how would they Truly Feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bill


  16. Bo.

    Someone on Fox News just blamed congress for the hold up on the stimulus. The facts are you must blame the incompetent man child fool in the White House

  17. Floyd J.

    It is a case of if you want to give our suffering people relief you have to pass our Bill in which we have packed $$$$ BILLIONS of dollars of Pork inside. Everybody gets billions of free money, except our people, they get precious little except the final $$$$ Bill $$$$ which they will have to pay back. Yuck! Yuck! Ain’t we Democrats smart, and all heart. Yuck1 Yuck!

  18. Loraine Mullins

    I am one of the people in the lines at the food bank. You people in the senate, Congress, Pelosi, Biden , Harris are disgusting. Come to the food banks and stand I line to feed your family. You take what they give you. These people themselves are on the receiving these goods. We have no money to buy food.
    Paying rent or mortgages, insurance for our vehicles, our heat bills, electric, water & sewage, trash bill, our $82.90 taken from my check the past 10 years. The Medicare $140.00 per month for hospital and doctor bills and those co-pays. Gas for your car, insurance for the car, maintenance, tires, good grief my car is 16 years old. This land is a God given gift. Why should we give the foreign countries one thin dime. We need to survive here. Stop the BS and give the AMERICAN people our hard earned money. We need you to be in our shoes with no socks, no coat. Give us the $2,000.00. WE are suffering in the USA, God have us a voice and we will use it. Jesus take the wheel, your children need the leaders to humble themselves. To do without a paycheck, they need to stand in soup lines. Their billfolds need to be empty as mine is.
    Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump

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