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Outrage: Flag Honoring War Vets Replaced With Transgender Flag Over State Building

Our nation usually pays tribute to those brave individuals who’ve sacrificed all, in service to their country by memorializing their selfless acts of bravery through monuments, commemorative holidays and of course flying “the stars and stripes” along with the POW/MIA flags over state capitals, local municipalities and wherever government buildings are located.

Those tributes to our American veterans should never be compromised or politicized by cheap and tawdry theatrics. However in Iowa on November 20th state Democratic legislators buckled to political pressure from the local LGBT advocacy group, pushing “transgender pride” by allowing a blue, pink and white flag to fly over the Iowa State Building.

The unconscionable arrogance by this depraved group of individuals in dishonoring the memory of those who’ve served once again illustrates their contempt for America’s honored principles.

However, this short-lived publicity stunt in November, may in fact be the remedy needed to end the nonsense in Iowa, as Republican lawmakers banded together and introduced “Senate Study Bill 3017,” in mid-January — which according to The Associated Press only authorizes custodians of public buildings or public school boards to raise the U.S., state of Iowa, POW/MIA and official flags of the political subdivisions on flagstaffs at buildings owned.

Republican State Senator Jake Chapman, who is backing the new legislation designed to plug-up the loophole that allowed Democrats along with LGBT activists to “completely disrespect” military veterans.

“I heard from numerous constituents who were very concerned about the precedent that’s being set. My understanding is that there were some internal policies that perhaps were violated during that demonstration but I think it’s important that at least my constituents know that we’re taking this serious,” Chapman told the Globe-Gazette.

Adding, “It’s what the flag represents and the fact that it was taken down and another flag was flown instead of the American flag and the Iowa flag and the POW/MIA flag, I think at a lot of Iowans find that to be very offensive.”

An official for the Iowa Department of Administrative Services admitted that someone in their department had screwed-up, in that only 3-flags are designated to officially fly over  the Iowa Capitol building — the American, Iowa and the POW/MIA flags

State Administrative Services spokeswoman Tami Wiencek told the Gazette, “We have reminded all of our employees about existing procedures.”

Nevertheless, putting it in writing through “Senate Study Bill 3017,” takes the ambiguity out of having another state worker along with a few politically correct Democratic lawmakers misunderstanding.

However, Iowa isn’t alone when it comes to wacky Democrats purposely irritating their constituents.

In June, local officials in Maryland took down the POW/MIA flag at the Montgomery County Vietnam Veterans Memorial and replaced it with a “gay pride” flag.

Embattled officials feeling the intense backlash from the community, attempted to explain that the flags were lowered in order to celebrate “LGBT Pride Month” which outraged the community even further.

“I wasn’t happy about it at all because the park is supposed to be a veteran’s park,” Vietnam veteran John “Bill,” Williams told NBC Washington. “People died. Now they took it down and put another flag up.”

“If they want to put the other flag underneath, they could put it underneath, but the POW flag should be flying there,” Williams added.

In Philadelphia Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney, decided to fly Communist China’s Flag above City Hall, which is a celebration honoring the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

“Raising this flag, a symbol of the birth of the Chinese Communist Party on October 1, 1949, is only celebrating tyranny, repression, and death,” said one local resident in an email to Kenney, who like a large majority of the Philadelphia City Council is a Democrat.

The mayor’s office, of course, countered, that “the flag raisings are not a sign of support for any specific government, political party, or movement.”

In a nutshell, it’s all about “DIVERSITY” no matter how corrupt, immoral or perverse the players.