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Online Gaming Leads To One Of Brazil’s Most Brutal Murders!

12-year old Gabriel Kuhn was dismembered alive and left to die by Daniel Petry, a psychopathic teen who was angered when he alleged that Kuhn had cheated him while playing an online video game!

It was a horrific crime that shocked a nation and then the world. What began as an online “friendship” ended in a brutal sexual assault and hacksaw murder!

Daniel Petry was, by all accounts, a messed-up kid. Even at 16, he had a history of violent outbursts so bad that his parents had sent him to several psychiatrists throughout Brazil. These sessions didn’t go well, and Daniel eventually stopped going to them as well as school. 

No longer in school and unemployed, Petry spent most of his time playing the online multiplayer game known as Tibia. There he would spend hours upon hours gaining new levels, fighting monsters, making trades, and interacting with other players. One of these players was a local boy named Gabriel Kuhn. Gabriel was 12 and an avid player. While Tibia was considered a “free to play” game, meaning it didn’t cost anything to initially play, it was loaded with micro-transactions and its own in-game currency. The in-game “coins” were used to buy anything from full characters to in-game pets.

Little did Kuhn know that the greatest monster was not in the game itself but the demonic teen he was playing with.

Kuhn and Petry would play together on a private server set up by Kuhn. After one of their gaming sessions, Gabriel explained that he wanted to buy an item from Tibia’s shop, but he didn’t have the necessary coins. He asked Daniel to borrow 20,000 coins, the equivalent of 1.75 USD, with the promise to pay him back in a few days. Petry agreed, but when it came time for Gabriel to pay him back, instead of excepting the reimbursement, Kuhn banned Daniel from the server.

A Murderous Rage

The act of being locked out of the game-filled Daniel Petry with “a murderous rage.” His history of anger and violence came rushing back into his present-day as he found himself at Gabriel Kuhn’s front door. The boy was alone, but Daniel was able to convince him to open the door and let him in so they could patch things up. 

Instead, Petry began beating Kuhn and violently sodomized the young boy. As he lay bleeding and sobbing on his bed, Daniel mocked him. In pain, assaulted, and ridiculed, the young boy’s mind ran to the only protection it had known. Kuhn threatened that he would tell his mother what Petry had done to him.

This incited Daniel again, who unplugged Gabriel’s computer and began to choke the boy with it while sexually abusing him again. Once he thought Khun was dead, he realized that he would have to hide the body. Petry tried to force Gabriel into a crawlspace, but the door wasn’t wide enough. Thinking quickly, Daniel found a hacksaw and began to cut at Khun’s torso.

To make the story even more horrible, as Petry began to saw Gabriel in half, the battered boy regained consciousness and began to scream from the pain. Mutilating his victim’s body only further excited Petry, as did the boy’s screams, and he proceeded to saw Gabriel completely in half – while he was still alive! He also carved symbols from Tibia into Gabriel’s body. Still unable to fit the dismembered body into the crawlspace, he left it there in pieces for Gabriel’s brother to find later that day.

It didn’t take the police long to track down Petry; they uncovered his argument with Gabriel on Tibia. Daniel didn’t show remorse, or any emotion really, as he recounted in detail to the horrified police just what he did. The only time Petry reacted with anything other than contempt for Kuhn was when the police brought up the sexual assault, at which point he angrily lashed out at the insinuation of homosexuality.

No Justice for Gabriel

In a gross miscarriage of justice, the Brazilian court only sentenced Daniel Petry to three years in a juvenile detention facility. He was released in 2010, and from then on, all reports indicate he just disappeared. No online presence, no lasting consequences for the brutal sexual assault and murder of an innocent child.

Petry was, by many indicators, a sexual sadist. If Petry is still alive today, it wouldn’t come as any surprise to find out that he has other victims.