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“Ok Sign” Freaks Out CNN’s Don Lemon

CNN host Don Lemon once again became the story during his New Year’s Eve countdown, claiming that people within the ruckus crowd were flashing the “white power signs” at him while hosting the event.

The self-aggrandized host, apparently needing more attention from the crowd began to loudly complain to co-host Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday night, “I’m tired of people fighting.”

Adding, “I’m tired of walking through the crowd and people giving me white power signs. It’s disgusting. Stop it, America. That’s not what we’re about.”

Lemon apparently playing the race card hoping to perhaps gin up the ratings continued throughout the evening in Nashville, TN, with his continued blather concerning the universal “Ok sign” that has somehow become a point of contention among many progressives along with race-baiting blacks, looking for racism where there is none.

In one particular segment, a disjointed Lemon holding a glass of what appeared to be a glass of champagne throughout the evening continued his incohesive rant.

“I just want us to come back together again as a country,” Lemon said. “I want us to stop being so sensitive. I want to get rid of the stupid racist and homophobes and bigots. I’m sick of that. I’m sick of promoting that and hearing about it. It’s disgusting.”

Baldwin, for her part, said she wanted to “lift women’s voices” in 2020.

The few viewers looking in quickly noticed that the duo seemed “lit-up” however not quite drunk enough for the producers to yank them off the stage, for whatever stupid remark might come out of their lips.

Several viewers took to Twitter to comment on the proceedings using social media.

“Did drunken Don Lemon get a real tattoo?” tweeted one poster, while others claimed to have spotted the infamous “white power” signs Lemon referenced during the countdown.

“White power signs being flashed at @donlemon.”

— Erica (@fucking yikes) January 1, 2020

Another twitter user also took aim at the city of Nashville.

“Not surprised some jackwagon flashed Don Lemon the white power sign. Nashville is a white trash town; Gatlinburg TN is even worse. Been to both – confederate flags abound.”

While other CNN viewers blamed supporters of President Donald Trump.

“Thank you Don Lemon for being in Nashville tonight. Apparently you ran into some ignorant people showing White Power signs in the crowd. Ignore them. You’re a great guy and always welcomed here. Sadly ignorant adults are past their fixin point lol”

— Darren J Wilmoth (@darrenjwilmoth) January 1, 2020

“All these trump supporting white people trying to gaslight about the #whitepower sign that @donlemon faced last night. My husband stopped the show and rewound because he saw it immediately. I’m sure there were more,” exclaimed another viewer.

What seems apparent from CNN’s New Year’s telecast, regarding identity politics, is that 2020 will be more of the same, with characters like Lemon and others attempting to divide the country.

“Remarkably” other New Year telecasts were actually enjoying the festivities; the hosts, for the most part, kept it focused on the entertainment, not the politics which seems to always be CNN’s Achilles heel.

As for the so-called “white power” sign, no doubt some in attendance in Nashville were having some fun at Lemon’s expense, they know the guy looks at the world in racial overtones, everything is racial with him, thus raising a finger in the “Ok sign” becomes a “white power” sign regardless of the fact that that sign has been used for countless generations, indicating that everything is fine.

Ironically if you’re a fan of old movies, that sign was flashed by an 11-year old kid in the classic 1939 movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” Starring Jimmy Stewart, now it could be Director Frank Capra was using secretive hand-singles flashing the “white-power, Ok sign” to his audience

A contentious debate has emerged over whether those who use the hand signal are doing so to announce their support for white supremacy or whether they’re doing it because they know it angers liberals, similar to publicly proclaiming one’s support for the President.

More champagne Don?