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Oil Worker Captures Video of Bigfoot!

While we humans may all be sheltering-in-place, or in quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak, it seems that everyone’s favorite cryptid is out and about!

An oil worker in Canada parked his vehicle to check on some well equipment and left his dash camera on. When he began driving away after the stop, the camera panned the woods near where he had just walked and picked up something he thinks was a Bigfoot.

The worker was so convinced he saw something, he returned the following day to the spot and claimed to have found evidence (also captured on video) of a strange creature in the very location where something stood the day before. Was it Bigfoot checking on how humans are being eliminated by the virus it released with its Yeti cousin in China?

Both the original video, shot on March 12, 2020, and the footage of the oil worker’s inspection of the location on March 13 can be seen here on the YouTube channel of Sonny Vator, whose site shows a few other Bigfoot videos allegedly from in or near Banff National Park in Alberta.

Sasquatch fans know this is a popular area for Bigfoot sightings – one in January 2020 showed what appeared to some to be a Bigfoot and a baby Bigfoot. Nordegg is about 30 miles east of the park in the Rocky Mountains.

While Vator thinks the typically blurry footage of “Bigfoot” shows something that looks like a tall creature holding something in its arms, most commenters think the ‘something’ is a snow-topped tree, some other stationary forest object or an optical illusion caused by shadows.

However, the man’s return visit — if it’s legitimate and not a hoax — is more compelling. As he points out in the narrative of his return to the alleged sighting location, it looks like some creature had been lying on the ground and compressed the snow and some branches. He also shows what he thinks are footprints and a clump of brown hairs.

Did he send them to a lab for DNA testing? Of course not. Vator doesn’t say how he obtained the videos from the unnamed oil worker, but he does point out that he also uploaded the video in January of an alleged Bigfoot and child and suspects there’s a family of Sasquatch living in the area.

Check out the footage and draw your own conclusions. But until the connection between Bigfoot, Yeti and the coronavirus are thoroughly investigated, let’s hope the oil worker washed his hands.


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