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Norwegian government to revoke residency permits of returning ISIS affiliates

When it comes to putting the lives of its own citizens before would-be or returning Islamic State terrorists, Norway is taking the exact opposite approach to the problem as the one its Scandinavian neighbor has continuously taken over the years.

While the Swedish federal government has forced many of its municipalities to shelter, feed, and clothe, and provide government funds to returned Islamic State fighters from the Middle East, the Norwegian government is set to revoke the residency permits of anyone who’s affiliated with the terror group.

Last week, Jøran Kallmyr, Norway’s Minister of Justice announced the country would be terminating all residency permits given to individuals who left Norway to join or fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

According to the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gange, Kallmyr gave the order to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) to take away permits saying that only those with Norwegian citizenship would be permitted to step foot inside of the country.

The Minister of Justice added that even though Norwegian citizens who had left to join ISIS in the Middle East would ultimately be allowed back into the country, it didn’t mean that they would be immune from the consequences of having gone off to join the terror group.

“Norwegian citizens who have joined the Islamic State, either as warriors or with other affiliations, will be prosecuted if they return. If they have children. they will be handled by the child welfare service. This applies to those who return to Norway on their own,” Kallmyr stated.

When a journalist from Verdens Gange asked him about the precise number of Islamic State members who would be affected by the newly enacted policy, the Minister of Justice presumed that several would be, but the exact numbers were not known. There are many that we assume are dead, but we do not know for sure. There is a lack of information,” he remarked.