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NASA Hides Evidence of Alien Bases on the Moon

Did NASA discover proof of “alien bases” on the moon, and have they been hiding that evidence for decades?

That is the claim of self-proclaimed extraterrestrial life expert Scott Waring. On his website, referring to the grainy pictures in question, Waring says, “Each crater found in this NASA photo of Earth’s Moon has an alien structure inside. I think this is incredibly remarkable, as every single crater appears to be fake.”

Waring continues, “None of these lunar craters have a normal color, as they appear to consist of an extremely shiny material.”

Waring, a well-known “conspiracy theorist,” speculates that none of the craters – our moon’s most distinctive feature – are real, but rather are artificial alien constructs used to conceal the bases, structures and other equipment on the moon. Warring claims, “One structure looks to be made of platinum or silver and it is really tall and wide. This suggests it is more important than the other alien structures nearby.”

He suggests another of the circular structures appears to have been camouflaged to resemble the surrounding area. While still another “building” is bizarrely described as being shaped like a “fork”.  Warring describes another lunar anomaly to its immediate right as possessing “six straight lines.” “Something this geometric simply does not occur in nature, Waring said.

“The photo is 100 percent proof of alien life on the Moon. This alien technology is just mind-blowing.”

In the YouTube video on his channel where he describes his “discoveries,” Waring then proceeds to zoom-out of the picture in order to provide a little perspective, adding, “It just does not seem possible and yet there it is on this NASA photo.” He then goes on to claim, – without much substantiation – how this photo is another instance of NASA attempting to conceal evidence of alien lunar bases from the public.

Yet, he refused to provide a link to the source of the “NASA” photos, explaining that he does not wish his ideas to be stolen and credited to others.

He said, “Often other YouTubers follow my info and I want to prevent my discoveries from being stolen. I make no money from YouTube or blogging. I only want to teach the world the truth.”

So what do you think, does NASA know more about the moon than they are telling us? Or, have they ever even been to the moon at all? Reply using the comments below!