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Mysterious “Cigar-Shaped” Objects Appear Over California

California has been beset by a spate of recent sightings of a “cigar-shaped object” in its skies. Bizarre footage showed up on YouTube, that shows what looks like two separate “cigar-shaped” UFOs hovering above southern California. Perhaps not so coincidently, the video was shot and posted just days after the Great Convergence between the planets Saturn and Jupiter.

The elongated beams of light in the sky were caught on camera from the high ground looking towards an urban area in Orange County. The images were captured on the night of December 23 and published on YouTube by LUFOs on Christmas Eve. Subscribers have shared their thoughts on the images.

One excited ET believer wrote: “Oh man what a way to start the day. Merry Christmas Lufos guy!”

Another joked the sighting could be related to Santa’s annual trip around the globe. They said, “Full of treats 4 all the good — Humans.”

But some viewers were more skeptical of the video.

“No video phones near the sight though?” one asked. “20 million phones out there. Just a zoomed in image single image of a light. I want aliens but come on, let’s not pretend.”

Another questioned whether the UFOs were just a reflection of the videographer’s light bulbs at home.

User Deb Emler wrote: “Florescent light(s) behind person filming! Look at the 3-5 shadows of each light…as if looking out a window with lights behind you!”

However, as far as UFOs go, the shapes of these “objects” are quite common. In fact, this was just the latest sighting of “cigar-shaped UFOs” that have been cropping up across the country in recent months. A similar unusual object appeared to be spotted back in May over California, while at the beginning of the year, several of them were also seen cruising above mountains in Los Angeles.

And in 2019, one UFO expert claimed a collection of snake-like “crafts” spotted in the skies over the state could have been “extraterrestrial.”

So, what do you think has been buzzing about in the skies over California lately? ET? Or something else? Please reply using the comments below!