Mysterious “Cigar-Shaped” Objects Appear Over California

California has been beset by a spate of recent sightings of a “cigar-shaped object” in its skies. Bizarre footage showed up on YouTube, that shows what looks like two separate “cigar-shaped” UFOs hovering above southern California. Perhaps not so coincidently, the video was shot and posted just days after the Great Convergence between the planets Saturn and Jupiter.

The elongated beams of light in the sky were caught on camera from the high ground looking towards an urban area in Orange County. The images were captured on the night of December 23 and published on YouTube by LUFOs on Christmas Eve. Subscribers have shared their thoughts on the images.

One excited ET believer wrote: “Oh man what a way to start the day. Merry Christmas Lufos guy!”

Another joked the sighting could be related to Santa’s annual trip around the globe. They said, “Full of treats 4 all the good — Humans.”

But some viewers were more skeptical of the video.

“No video phones near the sight though?” one asked. “20 million phones out there. Just a zoomed in image single image of a light. I want aliens but come on, let’s not pretend.”

Another questioned whether the UFOs were just a reflection of the videographer’s light bulbs at home.

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User Deb Emler wrote: “Florescent light(s) behind person filming! Look at the 3-5 shadows of each light…as if looking out a window with lights behind you!”

However, as far as UFOs go, the shapes of these “objects” are quite common. In fact, this was just the latest sighting of “cigar-shaped UFOs” that have been cropping up across the country in recent months. A similar unusual object appeared to be spotted back in May over California, while at the beginning of the year, several of them were also seen cruising above mountains in Los Angeles.

And in 2019, one UFO expert claimed a collection of snake-like “crafts” spotted in the skies over the state could have been “extraterrestrial.”

So, what do you think has been buzzing about in the skies over California lately? ET? Or something else? Please reply using the comments below!

29 Replies to “Mysterious “Cigar-Shaped” Objects Appear Over California”

  1. Jeff Simmons

    Well I lived in California for 30 years and in that time I saw plenty of strange people on the ground and some parts of California have stranger people than others but if you go there expect to see some strange people a good example is the Governor of California he is a strange one


    California??? Likely these things are where the state legislature meets. Or..better still, it’s where the sorry excuse for a governor will have his next dinner party.

  3. Mark Selvey

    I Have seen UFO’s many many times ???
    Strange but very true indeed !!!
    They do appear around me quite frequently? Very Strange ?? Used to scare me ??? But have 1 question ? Why do they keep appearing around me & where I am ? I have Video’s of them as proof ???
    But why me ??? They don’t bother me ?
    They as if watch me & leave ??? If you would Like to see video’s ? Send me your E Mail & I send to you !!!
    You can tell me what you think 🤔

    • Ysmael Inductivo

      The angel of death coming to claim the speaker who close prayer not by just Amen
      But by amen & a woman.does she knows Amen is another name of God??? Revelation:3:14
      The country will be dragged by her blasphemy.Lord,spare the innocent.

    • Marcela Fedorov

      Dear Mark.
      The UFO is real. They want us to help with get rid of the deep state. My sister in Czech Republic city of Prague in 1975 was present when on big intersection was standing UFO in sky top of all people on streets for about 1/2 – 1 hrs and then suddenly disappear. Very strange but real. I believe in UFO and when we was sitting on patio one evening in Las Vegas there was something huge but we so only 6 light like from plane. That was like looking on us for short time. So if you see UFO of any shape don’t be scare. It is for help. But they are waiting to get permission to lend on ours ground for to clear of the Deep State. Deep State must be transported by UFO to different planet away from ours since there’s evil soul can be. reborn here again. Hope you will understand the UFO now.
      Wishing you luck.

    • Marcia Pack

      I would love to see ur video’s!!! R they the grays? They r the nicer ones. Maybe they r not afraid of u & if u tell others about ur story that they mean no harm then many may accept them & not harm them…they may want to help us as our country is on self-destruct..they do help the Gov’t. with military things such as the stealth. A few Pres. have admitted to seeing them. I was married to Travis Walton’s cousin. Fire in the Sky movie & book written about it…i know 4 a fact about UFO’s as Don Walton proved it to me…he said the grays were the good guys but there r some bad ones just like people…bad & good. How do they bother u? Maybe just observing u but not to harm u? They r just as much curious about us as we r them!

    • Charles Greeson

      Hey Mark I have had some experiences with something over the years & don’t doubt for a half nanosecond that what I believe is the real deal. I would love to check out the videos you talk about. I’ve been observed (for whatever reasons) for years now, and I’m just waiting for them to come say hello eye 2 eye so we can stop the sneak-A-peak & start making progress!! Thanks buddy 😜

  4. RemoveGavin

    Actually “Turd-shaped UFOs” over California… Because Dem Gov. Gavin Nuisance has turned the once great state into a cesspool!

  5. Sarah Rose

    I am not sure what I believe because I have doubts about UFOs. No proof has been shown that ETs exist nor is there any proof of life on other planets. It is pure speculation that life exists on other planets. I need to see actual proof before I believe.


    If any would doubt the existence of space aliens just look at the freaks walking around San Francisco. Hey we even elected one: Nancy Pelosi.They gotta be from some other galaxy.

  7. Morena

    U F O or not that truth is that the Democrats are out there doing something to banished all the baby boomers no votes for trump and no more payments on social security they are hitting the target but what goes around coms around karma is a bitch just wait for your turn it will come “ this message is for all the Democratic Party “

    • Charles Greeson

      I second that Morena…! There’s a lot of folks out there that have been participating and getting away with a lifestyle of the most heinous acts to humanity (mainly innocent children) to a point where when the Mighty Trump bitch slaps that pathetic inbred back to the swamp, the wrath of God will be unleashed, and the price will be final…… thank you Lord

  8. JoeyP

    When there are SECRET government projects being run, there WILL be UFO sightings being “leaked” by US or OTHERS (Russia, China, etc.). One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  9. Bill

    Tell any aliens that Californians are good to eat and we can start to solve many of the foolish problems these West Coast liberals have created ! ! !

  10. Brenda

    See; Jesus explained there are no other occupied planets. UFOs & aliens are the devils’ minions who have figured out a way to get around play with our minds. With all the evil going on right now, they are being attracted to and pushing for more.

  11. Brenda

    See; Jesus explained there are no other occupied planets. UFOs & aliens are the devils’ minions who have figured out a way to get around & play with our minds. With all the evil going on right now, they are being attracted to and pushing for more.

  12. Greyfox

    Now, now, people. Don’t be too hard on Gov. Nuisance. After all, you did vote for the worthless SOB. And Pelosi. And Schiff. And Waters. And, at one time, Boxer. I dunno, there are a LOT of very intelligent people in Kaliphornia. And they vote for the damnedest bunch of losers. And, unfortunately, the rest of the country suffers for it.

  13. Truth

    Okay so I’m not sure about cigar-shaped UFOs but back in the late 40s early 50s before I even knew that the UFOs appeared over Exeter New Hampshire I was in Massachusetts and as a little girl I looked up and so are three gold colored flying at incredible speeds in a triangle that went in a direct right angle straight up at impossible speeds not a curved right angle but an actual right angle straight up just saying

  14. Timothy

    The aliens must be here to help overcome the voting fraud that took place in November. Their mission is to take all deep state swampers, crazed liberals, BLM nuts, RINOs and other kooks back to their prison planet where they belong.

  15. Tom

    OK OK. So the people of California voted to add PCP, marijuana and other California determined ‘Healthful Vitamins’ to their water supply. In a small number of cases (99%) odd things are seen but this would NOT produce cigars in the sky. Rocking chairs, elephants and photographs of Pelosi yes but NOT cigars. Cigars cause ‘Global Warming’.

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