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Mutant Fish With Two Mouths Caught

Speaking of lake monstrosities, did you hear the one about a mutant fish caught up North just a few days ago? It’s true – and this case is not alone in its weirdness.

The day of fishing started out normally enough for Debbie Geddes and her husband who took a boat out on Lake Champlain to try their luck. Debbie felt a tug on her line that was a bit stronger than usual:

“I pulled it in. It felt extra heavy this time. So, I thought, ‘Okay, this is a good one,'” said the excited angler.

Much to the couple’s surprise, a trout Debbie caught had two mouths on it!

The seasoned fisherwoman, who thought about keeping the 6-7 pound fish before deciding to release her singular catch, snapped off some fantastic pics of this freak of nature.

“Wow! Look at this thing – this is crazy!” the amazed fisher recalled saying.

Debbie shared her trophy photos with a co-worker named Adam Facteau who posted them on Facebook where they went stark-raving viral. It seems that quite a lot of folks believe they know what caused the abnormal fish:

“I had people from all over the world commenting on what could be the possible cause of this having two mouths. People have theories that it was injured when it was younger. Some biologists think it could have been a genetic birth defect.”

Others speculate that the two-mouthed fish was spawned by Champy, the Lake Champlain equivalent to Ireland’s Loch Ness monster.

Facteau revealed why the Geddes opted to release her catch:

“She said it was too bizarrely beautiful to kill. It was healthy and it was beautiful, so we let it go.”

Two years ago, another bizarre fish was brought to land after reportedly terrorizing the residents living near Lake Krugoe in Siberia. The monstrous fish had a powerful, thick tail. Its large head was filled with rows of scary piranha-like teeth and strong jaws.

Before it was caught, this four-foot ugly-as-cuss fish allegedly tried to bite quite a few people who tried to get a close look of it. On land, an on-the-scene video shows the brutish creature “chomping down on a stick held out by one of the anglers as it writhes on the grass.”

Those who have seen images of the strange catch describe it as “a mutant cross with the head of a giant piranha and the body of cod-like fish called a burbot,” and one said, “Geez, this creature looks both scary and disgusting.”

The mystery monster fish was later identified by experts as a northern wolffish, which normally feeds on the bottom of the frigid Arctic sea. This species is protected in Canada as it is nearly extinct. The local Inuit fishermen have their own name for the wolffish: they call it the “old woman fish” due to its ugly face.

The gelatinous meat on a wolffish is not fit for eating so trawlers throw them back.

A third grotesque fish was hauled out of an unidentified waterway in South Carolina. The state’s Department of Natural Resources launched an investigation after learning of pictures posted on Facebook in June 2017.

The fish appears to have a large tumor on its head. Officials have reason to believe that the catch came from the popular, public Lake Cherokee in Cherokee County, 60 miles south of Charlotte.


Observers are pinning the blame on “toxic water, illegal dumping, lawn fertilizer and algae.”

Ross Self, S.C.’s chief of freshwater fisheries, said he thinks the fish has a tumor, hopes whoever caught it kept it, and will turn it over to biologists for examination:

“I can understand someone not wanting to keep this thing. It was not a pretty fish. It is not unusual to see a fish with a physical abnormality, due to disease or infection…A lot of people are concerned about what caused the abnormality, but everybody is automatically thinking it’s the worst: Environmental contaminants.”

Members of the Southeastern Cooperative Fish Disease Project are taking a look at the photos to weigh in with their theories about what might account for this alarming anomaly.

Finally, what would you say if you caught a fish that a head shaped like – a PIGEON?!?

Talk about a record catch, on June 5, 2018, someone fishing in China caught a common freshwater grass carp with “a bulbous pigeon-shaped head.”

The extraordinary fish came from Guiyang City in southwestern China’s Guizhou Province and was released back to wild.