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Mom Pushed Her Dead Toddler on a Park Swing for Two Days

In a truly bizarre and creepy case, a Maryland mother was found in a park pushing her dead baby on a park swing for two days straight!

It happened in 2016. The woman, Romechia Simms, literally pushed her young son “to death.” Simms, 25 at the time, was found pushing her son Ji’Aire Lee’s corpse on a swing upon which he died of exposure and dehydration. The seriously unstable woman had apparently been pushing the 3-year old on the swing for nearly 48 hours! 

According to the Charles County Sheriff’s office, when she was found in the park, she was undergoing a “psychotic episode.” She said she had heard voices when she started pushing him, telling her not to stop because “somebody will come.”

Simms, whose family said she suffered from depression and bipolar disorder, was hospitalized for four days after police found her and the dead child on the swing.

Simms’ mother said she suffered a psychotic episode between May 20 and May 22 and did not know that her grandchild died in between the two days. Simms’s mother said that her daughter’s mental illness was sudden; however, they tried to get help before this incident happened.

Soon after her arrest, Simms told authorities that she had been diagnosed with schizophrenia but that she had stopped taking her medication for a couple of days before her son’s death.

Just two months before the tragic death, the boy’s father, James (Donnell) Lee, was seeking custody of his son after concerns about Simms’ mental health.

She was indicted for manslaughter and child abuse; however, a Judge found that Simms was not “criminally responsible” for the boy’s horrific death. Simms entered what is known as an “Alford plea” on Count 2 of manslaughter. An Alford plea is an acknowledgment that the State has enough evidence for a conviction but is not an admission of guilt. She was heard crying in court as events were recounted.

Officials at the time said the court-appointed psychologist ruled that the 25-year-old mother is schizophrenic and is not a danger. In addition, the psychologist ruled that Simms does not understand that her actions were criminal.

In light of the plea and the psych eval, the Judge set her free under a five-year conditional release order, stating she must see a psychiatrist and take her medication.

Today, Simms attends therapy twice a week and has joined a support group – but she told the Washington Post she would never get over losing her son.

“Sometimes I find myself doing weird things like I will grab his socks and just hold onto his socks,” Simms told the newspaper.

“Or I will grab one of his toy balls and hold onto his ball – anything that helps me to feel close – that I know was his.”

Simms lives in Waldorf, Maryland, with her mother – in a home where she keeps photos of Ji’Aire on the walls and his toys in boxes.

‘I hate the way things happened,’ she told the Washington Post. ‘But there is nothing I can do to change that. I will always keep [Ji’Aire] close to my heart.

‘Even though he is not here physically, I still feel him spiritually. I just know I will see him again one day.’ 

She sometimes visits the little boy’s grave with her mother, Vontasha, at Resurrection Cemetery in Clinton, Maryland.