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Mom Discovers Stranger Living in the Attic

Mom Discovers Stranger Living In Attic

Monica Green of Rockhampton, Queensland in Australia discovered a stranger was living in her roof for three weeks. Green made the discovery after realizing objects were mysteriously moving around in her house.

When she went to look at her security footage to see what was happening, she realized the security camera had been disabled.

Green really knew something was wrong when she returned home from a doctor’s appointment.

When Green entered her house, the air conditioning was on even though she turned it off when she left. The back door was also open and there was a half-cooked plate of chicken nuggets in the kitchen.

Green called the police, who discovered the attic door was pushed open.

Green said to Courier Mail: “I felt like it was something out of a horror film. I’m meant to be the one that protected them (her children) and I feel like I’ve failed.”

Green thinks whoever was living in her attic stole her house keys to enter the home. She has since changed the locks.

She asked, “What has this person been doing in my house when I’m not home?”