Mom Dies During Motorcycle Ride for Son Killed in Motorcycle Crash

A Colorado woman, whose 23-year-old son died in a motorcycle accident last month, was killed in a separate motorcycle crash this weekend while taking a group ride in his honor.

51-year-old Diane Everett was riding a 2012 Honda CBR (a motorcycle model) that belonged to her late son Michael. She was with a group of more than 80 people when she lost control around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday near Loveland.

“The second [the ride] was planned Diane knew she wanted to ride Michael’s bike in it,” a GoFundMe page organized by her daughter-in-law Jessica said. “She wanted to celebrate her son’s life doing something they both had a passion for.”

According to Colorado State Police, Everett failed to negotiate a left-hand turn and landed in a ditch before striking a culvert. Everett was wearing a helmet. But she was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Authorities believe that excessive speed is a factor in the crash. There was also a report of a horse being involved, according to the Coloradoan. Everett’s husband, Michael, told Fox affiliate KDVR that a horse jumped out during the ride and spooked his wife, causing her to swerve and crash.

“Losing Michael was by far any parent’s worst fear. But to deal with the loss of the love of your life, coupled with mourning your son. That is unfathomable,” Jessica wrote of Everett’s husband.

Diane and Michael’s son, Michael Everett Jr., died in a motorcycle crash on April 5, the Coloradoan reported. The group motorcycle ride on Saturday was in his honor, and Everett’s stepson Josh told the outlet that she had been moving her vehicle up so she could ride next to an opening that had been left for Michael Jr.

“As we were getting closer [to the crash scene], I could see bike parts and I think we both knew what happened,” Josh told the Coloradoan of him and his sister Amanda Everett, who also took part in the ride. “All I could think of was, ‘Not again. I can’t lose two of them.'”

“I think she was fighting at the scene to stay alive but at the same time I don’t think she wanted to come back but instead felt my little brother’s spirit and chose to be with him,” he continued. “Our mother was hurting after Michael died, and we knew she was hurting but she was so courageous that she didn’t let on she was hurting. I know my mom is happy and in a better place, no longer in pain.”

The GoFundMe page — which described the family as “completely shattered” — has so far raised more than $12,000.

“Diane needed to be with her son and god granted her that wish. While I am happy they are together again, we are left picking up the pieces,” the page said. “Words cannot describe what we are going through. Diane left behind her husband Mike, daughter Amanda, son Josh as well as grandchildren and family that will never be close to the same after this.”

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  1. Maybe there was something wrong with the son’s bike. It could have been the reason for both accidents. I’m really sorry for the family’s loss.

    • I figure it was probably too much bike for her. Sport bikes can be a handful if you’re not used to them.

  2. real sad,
    been ridin forever, 50 some years, when I retired from work 4 years ago, I lost an excuse to 2 wheelin it almost every day, wife won’t ride no more, health reasons, some days I miss it alot, but gettin bad out there, texting and phone talking, from the caggers, sorry I taught all 5 my kids to ride, scary….Thank God we doin ok,
    and yes I’m a real biker, I limp. lol
    member Christian Motorcyclist Association


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