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Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde Suspects in Fifth Murder

Tyler Terry And Adrienne Simpson Mugshots

A South Carolina couple who have been charged in four murders have been identified as suspects in a fifth homicide investigation in Memphis, Tennessee, according to law enforcement officials.

The couple, 26-year-old Tyler Terry and 33-year-old Adrienne Simpson, are being held in the Chester County Detention Center in South Carolina. They were arrested about a week apart last month.

Terry and Simpson have been charged with multiple counts of murder, as well as assault and attempted murder charges, Grant Suskin, a spokesman for the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, said. They have also been identified in an investigation into an alleged homicide that occurred in Memphis on May 17.

“While they are only suspects now, we do believe it is likely that warrants will be obtained for Terry and Simpson in this case,” Suskin said. “Our agency and South Carolina law enforcement divisions are working with the Memphis Police Department for the investigation into this case.”

“This is definitely unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” Suskin added.

On May 17, Memphis police tweeted that a “unresponsive male was located in the roadway” and “did not survive his injuries.”

NBC affiliate WCNC of Charlotte, North Carolina, reported that the couple has been charged with two counts of murder in South Carolina and two counts of murder in fatal shootings in St. Louis County, Missouri.

They are accused of killing Simpson’s husband, Eugene Simpson, and a woman who has been identified in court documents as a former romantic partner of Terry’s in South Carolina on May 2, WCNC reported.

They also are accused of killing Barbara Goodkin and Sergei Zacharev in about mid-May.

South Carolina authorities arrested Simpson and booked her into jail on May 18. And after a week-long manhunt, authorities were able to catch up to Terry, who was hiding in the woods. Officials have said Terry is accused of attempted murder, alleging that he shot at deputies during a high-speed chase led by Simpson.

She was arrested after crashing, authorities said. But Terry managed to get away. The search for Terry involved dozens of officers, helicopters, dogs and drones, according to officials.

“The way this appears is a modern-day version of Bonnie and Clyde,” Joseph Spiess Jr., chief of police in Brentwood, Missouri said.