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Memo Reveals Link to Kennedy Assassination and Secret Alien Space Wars!

There is no lack of “conspiracy theories” involving the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In fact, there are so many, that it was the Kennedy assassination that pretty much gave rise to the term “conspiracy theory” as we know and love it today.

Theories surrounding who was behind the murder of JFK have involved everyone from the CIA, to the Mafia, to his own Vice President, Lyndon Johnson. But, a newly discovered memo, may indicate it could have been a far more incredible source.

In fact, this theory about the JFK assassination is literally “out of the world!”

Researchers into all things JFK, recently uncovered a memo that Kennedy sent a few days before the Dallas trip to the Director of Central Intelligence regarding not only UFOs, but also the opening of a dialogue with the then Soviet Union for joint lunar and space exploration — and possibly even more. There is verbiage in the memo that indicates an interest in combining with the Soviets to create a “space force” to protect the Earth from the mutual threat of alien invasion!

In the document Kennedy discusses the fact that he had tasked James Webb, the administrator of NASA, to develop joint operations with the Soviet Union. He asks the Director to evaluate “High Threat” cases to confirm they are “bonified” vs classified USAF or CIA operations. He also points out that it is important to make a distinction between “knowns and unknowns,” so the Soviets would not mistake our seeking a joint space program as an intelligence cover.

However, that is not the whole story. In the final paragraph of the letter, dated just 10 days before his death, Kennedy also requests the CIA and NASA to form a project to share data on these UFOs, as it would “help NASA mission directors in their defensive responsibilities.”

That hit a chord with me and others that write about these kinds of things. It has often be speculated, on these pages and others, that NASA’s mission was not entirely “civilian” as it appeared, but that the space program was really a de facto branch of the Department of Defense, designed to militarize space, to protect the US from the Soviet nuclear threat, or perhaps, deeper, more nefarious threats from much further away!

For one thing most, if not all of the original Mercury and Apollo astronauts were former or current military pilots. Growing up being thrilled by their exploits, I always figured they just had the “Right Stuff,” because of their military training. But, what if it was something else? What if military pilots were tapped by the space program, not only for the training but because we needed warriors in space?

There are few things to consider that make this theory about NASA not so farfetched.

The first being that there was indeed, as of 1963, research by the CIA and NASA into “UFOs.” That should come as no surprise to anyone interested in UFO research. The second factor is the development of joint lunar operations, this was the premise behind the Zvesda lunar proposal. The third was a defensive responsibility of NASA against “unknowns.”

That is the most interesting part about all of this, is Kennedy’s choice of words in the unearthed memo. In no way does he refer to these objects as UFO’s, instead opts for the characterization of “unknowns” which implies that they may or may not be of extraterrestrial in origin. But it does indicate that the intelligence community was aware of said “unknowns” and had briefed President Kennedy about them.

So How Does a Defensive Space Force Tie Into JFK’s Death?

So let’s go way out on a speculative limb here for the moment. Let’s suppose just for argument’s sake, that the CIA and the DOD were aware of a credible threat from space back in the 60s. So credible in fact, that they launched the space program, and even considered teaming with our greatest enemies at the time – the Russians – to defend against it.  Why then would this secret knowledge factor into the killing of a president?

I am glad you asked. Before the memo discussed in this article was discovered, there was another memo, which UFO theorists refer to as “The Burned Memo.”

The “Burned Memo” had the infamous and shadowy fingerprints of “Majestic 12” all over it. It stated that the cabal, involved in Roswell, Area 51 and all things “extraterrestrial,” wanted to suppress Kennedy’s investigation into “unknowns” and the memo sought to find acceptable means to “deal with the issue.”

It should be pointed out that the Burned Memo is highly controversial, and many dispute its existence, but Majestic 12 researcher, Ryan Wood swears by its authenticity.

The memo is also eerily consistent with later requests by President Bill Clinton into Roswell and UFOs where he was reportedly told by intelligence staffers that he “shouldn’t chase the issue any further.”

Before that, President Jimmy Carter, who had claimed he had seen a UFO, once he became President, recanted that story, and said he was now certain it was a “military aircraft.”

Could MJ12 have “gotten to” each of these former presidents?

In Kennedy’s case, probably because he was unpopular in certain circles, could the “acceptable means” requested by the MJ-12 group in the Burned Memo” included a suggestion to the right people (Johnson, the CIA?) that Kennedy should be assassinated?

MJ12, the CIA and DARPA, were working on several “black projects” in the 60s, involving advanced, and then unheard of technologies, including hypersonic aircraft, teleportation, and particle beam weapons. All of that has been well documented.

Whether these systems and programs were being developed to fight enemies of a terrestrial or alien threat, cannot be said with any certainty. But, these memos seem to indicate that Kennedy may have become aware of them, and because of the kind of man he was, could have been willing to make them public.

What is most important is that these “unknowns” mentioned in the memo, represented a considerable threat no matter who or what they were, or were they came from. That statement implies actions were being taken to mitigate the threat, and that is the genesis of the problem.

To expose those technologies and projects existence would not only destabilize the country but also threatened the very existence of the people running those black ops, and as the MJ-12 memo said – that was unacceptable.

Maybe even unacceptable enough to assassinate a US president.