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Massive Shark Caught on Video Sparks Megalodon Theory

Giant Shark Swimming In Ocean

An unusually gigantic shark terrified a boat full of tourists. A video of the mega-sized sea creature went viral on TikTok, and it’s now sparking theories that it’s a megalodon — an extinct predator known for its enormous size.

Musician Alex Albrecht captured the massive shark while at sea on a cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

“Sailed six weeks in the atlantic saw this big f–king shark,” he captioned the TikTok video.

The shark can be seen swimming slowly in a circle near the surface of the ocean. Tourists on the ship can be heard screaming and trying to get a closer look.

In the video, Albrecht says in the background, “Holy F–k” as others cry out, “Oh my god” and “Woah.”

The video was filmed from the mast of the ship. It has over 37 million views so far — and hundreds of comments speculating what it is.

“This is insane what is that?” one user asked.

“It’s a basking shark! It’s one of three sharks that eat plankton, despite its size it’s completely harmless to humans!” one user said.

Others, however, suggested that it could be a megalodon, which lived 23 million years ago and was as large as 59 feet long.

“Yup is definitely the Megalodon!!” one person said.

“I’m just saying no one can say that the megalodon don’t [sic] exists when we have only explored 5% of the ocean.” another pointed out.