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Maryland Man Tries Breaking Into Home, Gets Stuck In Chimney Instead

Someone was coming down the chimney, and it was not Santa!

It may have been more than a week after Christmas, but that didn’t stop this thief from trying to steal the jolly one’s MO to break into a Maryland home – only this would-be St. Nick got stuck in the process.

An online video shows crews trying to break through the wall and bricks to get to the suspect who attempted to break into the house via the chimney. Around 3 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 8, the family reportedly heard noises such as pounding or “knocking” coming from inside the house on 9000 Dameron Drive in the Forest Glen area. They called the police, but the officers could not decern where the noise was coming from when they arrived, and after spending some time searching, they left the residence.

Then nearly 2 hours later, the noise got worse. The residents heard “a human voice coming from inside the fireplace, in the chimney.” Police and fire crews were quickly summoned back to the home. That’s when they found the suspect stuck inside of the chimney. Authorities say he was inside of the chimney for at least four hours.

It took about two dozen firefighters to help free the unidentified man, who was “not a resident” of the house in Silver Spring, according to Pete Piringer, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service.

Crews methodically removed the wall and bricks from the chimney, Piringer said. 

“Right now, we’re still actively investigating this, and we’re going to determine what charges will be filed against this person, so all I can say is charges may be pending,” said Shiera Goff of the Montgomery County Police Department.

Police will release the name and mug shot for the suspect as soon as charges are filed.