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Man Violently Hacks Wife And Four Others To Death

His ex-wife was among a total of five victims that alleged serial killer Sean Lannon murdered and hacked to pieces. He then tossed plastic bags containing their body parts into the back of his pickup and drove across country before abandoning the vehicle. 

Lannon, 47, formerly of New Jersey, told police he killed the victims in his house in Grants, New Mexico. He also told authorities that he killed as many as 11 others. That could not be verified. 

For now, he is charged with the brutal deaths of his ex-wife Jennifer Lannon, age 39, Jesten Mata, 40, Matthew Miller, 21, and Michael Dabkowski, 66, and a fifth person, Randal Apostalon, 60. 

Lannon’s ex-wife had attempted to overdose on heroin after she believed their children were dead, but Lannon, upon discovering she was still alive, allegedly shot her and hid her body in the backyard before dismembering it. 

She and Mata, with whom she was in a relationship, had medicated the children to keep them asleep, and when she feared she had killed them via overdose, she decided to try and take her own life. 

The remains of a fifth person, 60-year-old Randal Apostalon, were discovered along with the others in Apostalon’s truck. 

Authorities discovered the five bodies in pieces in bags in the back of Lannon’s truck which was abandoned at an airport.

Lannon told authorities that he had killed 16 people, including the five murders he was charged with. However, investigators have not been able to find any evidence of those 11 other crimes – yet.