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Man Throws Coins Into Plane’s Engine Before Takeoff for “Good Luck”

Coins Thrown Into Plane Engine

A man in China caused a flight to be canceled after he threw coins into the plane’s engine before takeoff.

The man, known only by his last name of Wang, reportedly did so for “good luck,” hoping his flight would arrive to its destination without any issues.

But it doesn’t take a genius to realize this had the opposite effect.

It may be popular to throw coins into fountains for good luck, but throwing metal coins into a plane’s engine is not a good idea.

Mr. Wang was boarding the plane in Weifang, in the central Shandong province in China. The flight was heading to Haikou, in the Chinese province of Hainan.

Staff became suspicious when they discovered coins on the ground during the pre-takeoff inspection.

Mr. Wang wrapped the coins in red paper before throwing them at the engine when no one was looking to “pray for blessings.”

Fortunately for everyone on board, staff found all the coins before the plane fired up its engines. Still, for safety reasons, the airline decided to cancel the flight altogether.

Mr. Wang and the other 147 passengers and staff had to wait until the next day to get to their destination.

According to local media, Wang was detained by police.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time someone has thrown money into a plane’s engine for “good luck.”

In 2019, a Chinese man was sued by Lucky Air because he threw two coins at a plane while traveling with his wife and one-year-old child.

The 28-year-old man, identified by his last name Lu, admitted to throwing the coins while boarding on the tarmac in hopes for a safe journey.

Mr. Lu was detained by authorities for a week after the coins were found on the ground near the engine as the pre-flight check took place.