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Man Says Girlfriends Dismembered Body Got Into Refrigerator “On its Own”

A deranged killer offers a bizarre reason for asking police to drop the murder charges against him. Daryl Jones of Pennsylvania says the dismembered body parts of his missing girlfriend found in his refrigerator “got in there on their own.” 

Jones was arrested in May 2020 after his girlfriend Kristy Jefferson’s family requested a welfare check, and neighbors reported a foul odor emanating from or near the apartment the two shared.

Jefferson was last seen on April 26, 2020, when she FaceTimed with family. Investigators found her badly decomposed body on May 4 in a broken refrigerator in a hallway 20 feet from the door to Jones’s apartment.

Her body was wrapped in a sheet and in dismembered, with several body parts missing, police said. After noting a foul smell coming from the basement of the apartment building, investigators found bags of bedsheets covered in bodily fluids.

Jones was charged with abuse of the corpse and homicide. At a motions hearing earlier  this week, he said that Jefferson got into the refrigerator where her body was found “on her own.”

At that hearing, his defense attorneys asked the judge to drop the homicide charge after a doctor from the medical examiner’s office testified that they were unable to determine a cause of death because of how badly Jefferson’s body had decomposed. The judge has yet to rule on that motion.

Prosecutors showed several images from the investigation during the hearing.

At some point, a local TV reports reporter was close enough to Jones to ask a few questions. He said he didn’t kill Jefferson, and when asked if he put her body in the refrigerator, he replied, “She went in on her own.”