Man Eaten Alive by Two Crocodiles

Authorities speculate that a missing fisherman has been eaten alive after human remains were found inside a crocodile. Investigators are now analyzing a second crocodile.

Fisherman Andy Heard was reported missing last week when he didn’t return from an hour-long fishing trip.

According to police, the 69-year-old was last seen at about 3 pm on Thursday in central Queensland.

Days later, a 4.2-meter long crocodile was caught near the missing man’s upturned boat. The animal was euthanized near Hinchinbrook Island.

Inside the animal, specialists discovered human remains.

Now, a second crocodile, between 2.7m and 3m long, has also been caught and killed.

The crocodile was euthanized after it was seen with what looked like human remains in its mouth.

Wildlife officers believe it is “highly likely” that the animals played a part in Mr. Heard’s disappearance, the Brisbane Times said.

Officials are still conducting tests to determine whether the second animal contains human remains.

The Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron wrote a tribute to Mr. Heard on Facebook, saying “Rest in peace. A beloved life member and all-round legendary bloke. Flags at half-mast for you mate. He died doing what he loves best, with the woman he loved the most.”

Another sailing group Big Mamma Sailing also paid tribute, saying: “All our lives have been turned upside down by the loss of a great yachty mate, Andy in a Crocodile incident. We are so glad that we are here- currently by the side & supporting Erica, Andy’s partner and looking after their beautiful yacht, Shiraz, which we will assist to get back to Cairns- once Erica is ready. We sincerely send our love and strength to everyone that knew Andy, especially his family & friends. He was one of a kind, generous, always happy to help anyone out, a mentor and always in for a good laugh.”

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5 Replies to “Man Eaten Alive by Two Crocodiles”

    • Floyd

      Crocs have the ability to jump out of the water pretty far if you were sitting near the edge of his boat there’s a good chance they seen him and jumped up in the snagged him

  1. Floyd

    It’s just one of the possibilities the second he could have accidentally fell overboard if you look at the above picture it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a life vest and he’s really close to the edge of the boat but he could have fallen in or they could have jumped up and snatched him being he was on the edge

  2. Carlos Botello

    The answer is sadly the same everytime. The man in the wilderness tends to believe that he knows it all and abandons his defensive attitude. Instead he pretends to have found the way to fuse with it and have become part of it. In his dream he’s part of it. But in reality he’s nothing but a suculent meal to the predators, wherever it might be!

  3. Robert Maynard

    OK, all questions need real answers. Who took the Photograph that is shown with this story?.
    was there another on board?, picture looks as if it was taken after a fishing trip, too much on board not secured to be on open water. with all due respect may he rest in peace.

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