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Man Breaks Into Home In Just His Underwear and Claims To Be a Bomb

A Pennsylvania man is in custody after police alleged he broke into a home wearing only his underwear and hid in the basement while claiming to be a bomb.

Roy Smith, 33, was discovered soaking wet and bleeding when police from Greenfield Township arrived at the scene on Monday morning, WTAJ reported.

An eyewitness said he had been driving past the property on the 300 block of Left Hand Gap Road in East Freedom, Blair County, when he saw the suspect dressed only in black underwear standing on the porch.

The unnamed passerby parked up and spoke with the man but when the owner of the property came to his front door the suspect smashed a window using a chair that had been left on the porch.

Smith then made his way into the basement. When police arrived, the suspect was still in the basement, and the driver and homeowner were waiting at a nearby property.

The door to the house had been locked so officers were forced to kick their way inside through the basement door.

Police allegedly found Smith lying face-down and claiming he could not move because he “was a bomb.” He reportedly claimed that if he moved, “he would die.”

He was subsequently removed from the basement after around half an hour and taken to local hospital UPMC Altoona to be treated for his injuries.

Smith was later charged with felony count of criminal mischief and a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief, and bail was set at $75,000.

He is being held at Blair County Prison and is due to appear for a preliminary hearing on August 19.

WTAJ reported that it was the second time Smith had been arrested in just 10 days.

His previous run-in with police was said to have occured after Smith barricaded himself inside the basement of a local storage unit on July 30.

Smith was said to have been screaming that someone was going to kill him before entering the facility.

He barricaded himself inside the basement with eyewitnesses claiming that Smith had told officers he would not leave the premises, located in Greenfield Township.

Charges seen by WTAJ said Smith had confessed to using meth the night before.

Police reportedly found a broken door with a footprint matching Smith’s. He was charged with felony burglary, criminal trespassing and criminal mischief.