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Lost Your House Key? No Problem

Photo by <a href="">Andrew Neel</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Have you recently lost your keys or even simply forgotten where you have placed them? Well, this hack could be the way to deal with that problem. This is a simple hack and all it really requires is a coin, your smartphone, tape, a pen, and something sharp like scissors or a knife. You will also need thick plastic.

Once you have all of your material in place here is everything you need to do. First, take a photo of your key next to a coin. From there you can use the coin and match it up to the picture. This will allow you to have the correct dimensions. Once you have that in place trace the image of the key.

Once you have the key traced on the tape you can put that tape on the plastic container or container cover you are using and cut out the shape of your key. Once your plastic key is ready you can use it to unlock your door.

Since the posting of the TikTok video featuring this hack, more than 4 million people have viewed it. Many have even noted that they would go through five million different processes before ever thinking of using this hack, including simply breaking a window or breaking the window lock. Still, this hack might be useful to some.



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