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Knife Attacks On The Rise – London Police Issue Bleed Control Kits To Bars

Violent crime has shot up across Europe since 2015 with the increasing tide of impoverished, anti-Christian, violent immigrants from mostly African countries. British leaders either ignore the problem or act helpless as their western way of life continues to erode, creating social unrest, rising unemployment, and intercultural conflict.

The fact that London has a Muslim mayor (Sadiq Khan) doesn’t seem to be helping matters. To kick off his state visit to the UK, U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the socialist leader “who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly ‘nasty’ to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me.”

In a case of treating the symptoms instead of the disease, police in London have announced their plan not to stop crime but to decrease the number of deaths from crime by providing 320 medical bleed control kits to metropolitan pubs (bars to us Yanks).

The United Kingdom is experiencing a knife crime epidemic:

“A boy, 7, threatens to ‘knife’ a pregnant school teacher. Two high school students from opposite ends of the country, both 17, die in violent stabbings hours apart. After five separate knife attacks over four days in one area of Britain’s capital city, a 45-year-old woman’s spinal cord is severed, leaving her paralyzed.”

In England and Wales, between March 2017 and March 2018, 285 people died from stab wounds – “a record since data collection began in 1946.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May called youth violence a “cancer” blighting her country. In his Easter message, Charles, Prince of Wales, said the “pervasive horror of knife crime” must be stopped.

Daniel Baird was 26 years old when he was knifed to death outside the Forge Tavern in Digbeth, Birmingham, on July 8, 2017. His murderer was 24-year-old Carlton Donaldson who received a prison sentence of 23 years for his crime. He was convicted at Birmingham Crown Court of wounding with intent, attempted wounding, violent disorder, and possession of an offensive weapon.

During the same incident, which involved two groups of men who took their dispute outside to settle it, Sashon Brown, 25, was found guilty of violent disorder and possessing an offensive weapon, earning him two-and-a-half years behind bars.

CCTV (closed-circuit television) recordings showed Brown displaying a blade to Baird’s friend Dale Scott inside the drinking establishment when the disagreement started. Donaldson and another man, Sean Spooner, followed Scott and Baird into Fazeley Street after the pub closed in the early hours and stabbed them. A passing driver took the two wounded men to a hospital for treatment.

Baird succumbed to the catastrophic bleeding caused by his wounds but his best friend Scott survived being knifed in the back, only to be charged and jailed for 12 months, in May 2019, for carrying two knives into a convenience store after he had smashed a window of a nearby Co-op during an attack described as frenzied.

Lynne Baird, Daniel’s mother, said:

“Our lives have been destroyed and we will never recover from the devastating loss of Dan. We miss his beautiful smiling face, which brightened up our lives.”

Lynne Baird believes her child’s life might have been saved if someone at the scene had had access to an emergency medical kit to stop her boy from bleeding out before he got professional help – too late. London police support the Daniel Baird Foundation that she spent two years setting up, claiming it will “help Daniel’s memory go on in the lives that will be saved.”

With a budget £4,000 (US$5,165), bleed control kits hit the Birmingham bars in June 2019. West Midlands Ambulance Service had a hand in developing the first aid boxes which contain a tourniquet, bandages, and a foil blanket, among other basic medical supplies. The ambulance company will map bleed kit locations so people who call 999 (emergency services) can be directed toward one nearby.

The Daniel Baird Foundation is on a mission to “incorporate catastrophic bleed control” in all first aid training classes and to ask property managers and business owners to stock the emergency aid kits. Minutes matter after a stabbing: excessive bleeding can kill in 3-5 minutes while the average ambulance response time is 7 minutes.

City of London police plan to blanket the 1.12-square-mile center of the city with 320 bright red bleed control kits at a cost of £25,000 (US$32,295).

Margaret and Barry Mizen, whose son Jimmy was knifed to death in a southeast London bakery in 2008 one day after he turned 16, praised Mrs. Baird’s initiative. Jimmy’s father said:

“This is not a panacea to solve knife crime, the idea really is to stop so many people dying. And if it prevents just one person losing their life then that is no bad thing.”

Mrs. Mizen added:

“When you lose a child to the violence the way we lost Jimmy, you really want to bring something good out of it. And I think Lynne Baird is trying to bring something good out of the death of her lovely son Daniel. I commend her for that, I think it’s wonderful.”

Mr. Mizen had said, after his son’s murder:

“The numbers of deaths will get much, much higher. We need to put the brakes on the epidemic now.”