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Kitten Rescued As Motorist Hears Weird Noises Coming From Car

A tiny kitten was saved from certain death or serious injury when an astute motorist heard “strange noises” emanating from her car.

As the saying goes, “Meanwhile, in Florida,” not all police jobs deal with crime. Some involve saving furry friends!

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office announced on their Facebook page that Palatka police officers successfully rescued a calico kitten from the tire of a car on the afternoon of Apr. 8.

According to the post, deputies were flagged down by a motorist on 16th and Olive, who heard a weird noise coming from the car. Upon further inspection, deputies found a small kitten too scared to come out.

The fleet manager came to the rescue and, “at the speed that could rival a NASCAR pit crew,” got the tire off safely and pulled the tiny calico cat out.

The kitten was brought to Animal Control, where he was nicknamed “Trooper.”

The Facebook post concluded: “Unsure if he likes car rides after that last trip.” 

NOTE: The original post referred to “Trooper” as “he,” but cat lover that I am and owner of four felines, one of which is a calico; the author knows that most calicos are female, but I kept the original pronoun on the possibilities that the officers were correct and found the indeed quite rare male calico, which would make the rescue even more miraculous! Good job, guys!