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“Killer Clown” Victim Reveals Scar on TikTok

The victim of what she says was an attack by a “killer clown” posted a video of a long and nasty scar on her back that she says is from the knife-wielding bozo!

The woman says the attack happened in 2016, during the height of similar “killer clown” incidents. Most of those were pranks, but the video posted by user @moth3rm0th shows that her attack was no laughing matter. 

In the video, while facing away from the camera, she lifts up her shirt, revealing a long purple scar going down her spine.

Text written over the clip said, “How did you get that scar?” before switching to a screenshot of CCTV footage showing someone dressed as a clown, which is believed to be the alleged attacker from the incident back in 2016.

During that year, the police received numerous reports of incidents of youngsters terrorizing the streets dressed as killer clowns. The first such incidents occurred in the US, but the phenomenon quickly spread to other parts of the world. Thames Valley Police received 14 reports of people being intimidated by clowns in just two days.

Meanwhile, Gloucestershire Police were called six times in 48 hours., but while most of the activity was pranksters trying to scare people – others included criminal activity.

All of that may seem like a distant memory for most of us, but it was one that resurfaced when the video was shared as part of the TikTok trend to Carrying Your Love by David Morris.

The trend involves creators showing moments that changed their lives forever to a 10-second segment of the song’s chorus.

Viewers on the app took to the comments to express their shock at what the creator shared, with the video gaining more than 2.5million likes and 32,000 comments.

One user said, “I remember one literally trying to get into my house.”

Another added, “Everyone acted like it was a joke, bro NOT A JOKE.”

Yet another said,  “This is the second vid I’ve seen of someone talking about the clowns I’m a lil scared.”

However, some users tried to deal with it through humor as they took to the comments trying to make light of the situation.

One user quipped, “He really got your back at least.”

With another adding,  “When you realize that 2016 wasn’t just a dream.”

However, the Killer Clown craze didn’t disappear after 2016 as it reportedly continued into the following year, with youngsters clad in evil clown gear standing outside schools to scare kids.

It is believed the creepy clown costumes grew in popularity due to Stephen King’s horror novel IT, released in 1986.

In 2017, a film adaptation was released featuring Pennywise, the clown who terrorizes children in Maine, which reignited the craze and caused pranksters to adopt the disguise.