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It Was the CIA That Coined the Phrase Conspiracy Theory

If you read my columns on various “conspiracy theories,” then you know that many of them relate to the inner-workings and maniacal machinations of the CIA.

In what can only be a bizarre case of irony, did you know that the term “conspiracy theory” was actually coined by that very organization?

The most famous of all “conspiracy theories” are those relating to the truth behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. And it was indeed in relation to the “official” investigation into the assassination – the Warren Commission – that the term was first used.

The Central Intelligence agency not only coined the term, they also weaponized it.

In 1976 the New York Times obtained a document they requested via the Freedom of Information Act. This document was a CIA Dispatch labeled “psych” for “psychological operations” that was distributed in 1967, indicating they coined the phrase “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorists” and used it as a derogatory term to attack anyone who challenged the official narrative from the Warren Commission.

The document obtained by the Times also has a “CS” indicated on it, which stands for “clandestine services” unit.

If “They” Call It a “Conspiracy Theory” – It’s Probably Close to the Truth!

These labels have continued ever since they coined the phrase in the 1960’s, along with later phrases like “tin hats,” in a deliberate smear campaign to discredit such theories and keep the truth from getting out – not only about JFK, but Roswell, Area 51, Majestic 12 and MK-Ultra, and any number of other nefarious doings by the CIA.

Pay close attention to those using the label “conspiracy theory,” and the information they are referring to. This will be your first clue that truth lies within and they are trying to deflect it. That is why I wear the moniker of “conspiracy theorist” as a badge of honor!

The bottom line is there are hundreds if not thousands of conspiracies taking place all around us – legitimate ones. But those that want to keep the truth from you will continue to try to discredit and misdirect with their “conspiracy theorist” labels.

But, one thing you can be sure of, whenever something is in the news that doesn’t seem to sit quite right – such as the Las Vegas shooting, or the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – and the mainstream media starts tossing around the term “conspiracy theory, it really means someone is getting dangerously close to the TRUTH!